Cindy Blackstock


 Canada Research Chair, Tier 1

  • Indigenous theory
  • Indigenous rights advocacy
  • Identification & remediation of structural inequalities affecting First Nations children, youth & families.
  • Culturally based & evidence-informed solutions for Indigenous children, youth & families.


Alicia Boatswain-Kyte

Assistant Professor
  • Anti-racism
  • Community-based child welfare
  • Practice with marginalized individuals
  • Social work education
  • Program evaluation


Shari Brotman

Associate Professor
  • Gerontological Social Work Theory, Policy and Practice (Access To Care; Care Giving; Gender, Race, Class, Sexual Orientation and Disability Issues in Aging)
  • Anti-Oppression Social Work Theory and Practice


Delphine Collin-Vézina


Nicolas Steinmetz and Gilles Julien Chair in Social Pediatrics


CRCF Director


  • Child Sexual Abuse
  • Trauma-Informed Practices
  • Child Protection Services and Out-of-Home Care
  • Social Pediatrics
  • Social Return on Investment Models


syndie.david [at] mcgill.ca (Syndie David)

Assistant Professor



Information coming


Régine Débrosse

Assistant Professor 

William Dawson Scholar

  • Self/identity
  • Motivation/engagement
  • Adolescence/youth
  • Youth intervention programs
  • Strength-based approaches
  • Immigration/acculturation
  • Race/ethnicity
  • Stigma/marginalization
  • Child education


Myriam Denov



Canada Research Chair (Tier 1)

Killam Research Fellow

Trudeau Fellow



  • Children and families affected by war/genocide
  • Children born of war
  • Intergenerational resilience
  • Post-conflict reconciliation and peacebuilding
  • War-induced migration and resettlement
  • International social work
  • Participatory & arts-based research methods


Charles Gyan

Assistant Professor


  • The dynamics of community participation in community, social and policy development,
  • Government policy systems and the complexity of contemporary policy practice, including evidence-based policymaking and stakeholder engagement.
  • Refugees and immigrants’ issues,
  • Environmental Justice,
  • Gender issues,
  • Open Government and globalization
  • Transnational social work practice


Jill Hanley




  • Social Policy: Immigration/Refugee Policy; Labour Rights; Health; Social Housing
  • Community Organizing: Cross-Cultural; Feminist; Neighbourhood; Anti-Poverty; Immigration; Labour
  • Community Development: Housing; Community Economic Development


Nicole Ives







  • Refugee/Immigrant resettlement practice and policy
  • Issues facing asylum-seeking populations
  • Comparative migration policy
  • Social welfare issues facing First Nations, Métis and Inuit Peoples
  • Access to post-secondary education for historically and present-day marginalized communities
  • Connections between culture and pedagogy


Ainsley Jenicek

Assistant Professor


  • Couple and Family Therapy
  • Chosen family, voluntary kinship
  • Trauma-informed therapy, somatic techniques
  • Mental health in adolescents, young adults and their families
  • Stigmatization, marginalization and interpersonal power dynamics




Julia Krane

Associate Professor


BSW Director   

  • Critical Approaches to Child Welfare and Child Protection
  • Feminist Practice Responses to Intimate Partner Violence
  • Qualitative Research Methods


Lucyna Lach

Associate Professor


MSW Director

  • Children with Chronic Health Conditions and Disabilities and Their Families
  • Mixed-Method Research
  • Caregiver Health
  • Health-Related Quality of Life
  • Parenting


Heather macintosh, smiling

Heather B. MacIntosh

Associate Professor


M.Sc. (A) CFT  Director

  • Couple therapy interventions for childhood trauma survivors
  • Couple therapy adaptations for complex trauma
  • Mentalizing affect regulation and attachment processes in relationships or childhood trauma survivors.
  • Diverse approaches to the treatment of childhood trauma, including the use of creativity in healing.
  • GLBTQ issues and same-sex marriage.


Michael J. MacKenzie


 Canada Research Chair in Child Well-Being (Tier 1)


  • Transactional Processes in Child Development
  • Child Well-Being
  • Child Welfare Policy & Practice
  • Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs), Cumulative Risk, & Trauma
  • Foster Care Placement Trajectories & Models of Group Care
  • Etiology and Outcomes of Child Maltreatment


Katherine Maurer

Associate Professor


  • Adolescent mental and behavioural health during the transition to adulthood
  • The physiological impact of exposure to extreme stressors, such as violence and poverty, on the development of self-regulation capacities


Pam Orzeck

Associate Professor


Field Education Director

  • Caregivers
  • Caregiver bereavement
  • Social gerontology
  • Community and homecare practice
  • End-of-life care
  • Social policy
  • Social isolation
  • Field education



Marjorie Rabiau

Associate Professor



  • Supporting Trans Youth and their families
  • Supporting refugee youth and their families
  • How to best train a couple and family therapist


Ann Seymour

 Associate Professor


Director of IAM.

  • Mental health and  suicide prevention
  • Community-based participatory research
  • Cultural sensitivity
  • Indigenous worldviews
  • Indigenous people's advocacy


Tamara Sussman



 Ph.D. Director


  • Social work practice with older adults
  • Family caregiving
  • End-of-life, palliative care and bereavement
  • Gerontological services, including home care,  community programs and long-term care
  • Social work pedagogy


sarah.tarshis [at] mcgill.ca (Sarah Tarshis)

Assistant Professor
  • Intimate partner violence (IPV), intersectionality, and trauma-informed practice
  • The use of simulation-based research in education and practice
  • Access to employment services, anti-poverty initiatives, economic empowerment
  • Social justice and clinical social work practice
  • Qualitative and mixed-methodologies


Trocme, director of the school

Nico Trocmé


Philip Fisher Chair in Social Work



  • Child Welfare
  • Program Evaluation


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