Katherine Maurer, Associate Professor

Dr. Katherine Maurer is a clinical social worker and an Associate Professor in the McGill School of Social Work and Associate Member in the Department of Pediatrics. Their research focuses on understanding the processes by which stressful experiences, including inequity, exclusion, and oppression affect life course outcomes for youth and adults to inform engagement in transformative justice change within institutions, systems and policies affecting individuals, families, and communities. They explore lived experience in the context of systemic barriers to equity in access to resources and opportunities that are culturally meaningful, particularly in situations of family violence and homelessness.

They study and advocate for trauma-responsive prevention and early intervention social work practice and policy to support family and community sustainable culturally-defined wellbeing. They seek to actively promote equity, decolonisation, and disrupt systemic reproduction of oppression, including gender discourses, in their scholarship.



Their research is funded by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council, Fonds de recherche sur la société et la culture Québec, and the Canadian Institutes of Health Research, the U.S. National Institute of Health

  • Critical anti-oppressive social work practice, research, pedagogy, and policy
  • Family violence, stress physiology theory, gender discourses, and intervention development
  • Transformative justice challenges to colonial carceral systems implicated in situations of family violence and homelessness
  • Social capital and the reproduction of ethnic/racial, gender, and economic disadvantage in social services
  • Critical analysis of interpersonal violence, gender, psychobiology, homelessness, and poverty policy and practice

Lab web page: https://www.raadlab.ca/



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