Delphine Collin-Vézina, Professor

Dr. Delphine Collin-Vézina is the Director of the Centre for Research on Children and Families at McGill University, a licensed clinical psychologist, a Full Professor at the McGill School of Social Work and an Associate Member in the Department of Pediatrics. She held the Tier II Canada Research Chair in Child Welfare from 2008-2018 and is now holding the Nicolas Steinmetz and Gilles Julien Chair in Community Social Pediatrics. She has established the research group on Social Responses to Complex Trauma (SR/CT) at McGill University and has received a 2.5 million SSHRC Partnership grant to expand this work and establish the Canadian Consortium on Child Trauma and Trauma-Informed Care (2020-2027). She was recently awarded the 2020 CPA Traumatic Stress Section Award for Excellence in Psychology.

Her program of research seeks to better understand the impact of adverse and traumatic life events in the lives of children and youth, as well as their experiences with services geared towards them. She aims to promote and implement social responses which are better suited to meet the needs of this often marginalized population and their families. This mission is realized through research across three axes:

  1. Trauma-informed care implemented in different settings, such as child protection agencies, social services, juvenile correctional services, and schools;
  2. Children’s rights-based approaches, through community social pediatrics centres;
  3. Best practices in the identification and responses to child sexual abuse across systems, and particularly within child protection services.

She has published 160 books, book chapters, peer-reviewed articles and professional articles. She is regularly invited as a keynote speaker, in national and international scientific and community venues.  She sits on the boards of many influential institutions, such as the Child Welfare League of Canada, the Dr Julien’s Foundation and the Child Protection Center of the Gregorian Pontifical University. Her influence is reflected by her participation in expert consultations organized by different ministries as well as through the citation of her work in policy and child welfare reports. Her research work is often featured in printed and television/radio media. She has trained over 3,500 professionals from various disciplines in trauma-informed practices.

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Postdoctoral fellowship (UQAM) 2006

Ph.D.(UdeM) 2003

B.Sc. (UdeM) 1998


2015 present Nicolas Steinmetz and Gilles Julien Chair in Social Pediatrics in Community

2015 present Associate Member - McGill University, Department of Pediatrics

2008 - 2018 Canada Research Chair in Child Welfare- Canada Research Chairs

2007 - present Assistant promoted to Full Professor - McGill University, School of Social Work


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