Program Directors & Advisors



BSW Director   


julia.krane [at] (Dr. Julia Krane)


MSW Director


nicole.ives [at] (Dr. Nicole Ives)





wanda.gabriel [at] (Wanda Gabriel)


Ph.D.  Director


jill.hanley [at] (Dr. Jill Hanley)

M.Sc.(A) Director


heather.macintosh [at] (Dr. Heather MacIntosh)

Field Education Director


pam.orzeck [at] (Dr. Pam Orzeck)


Program Directors & Cohort Advisors can help you by:

  • guiding your course selections to make sure you meet the requirements of your program;
  • offering support and referrals in cases of academic or personal difficulty.

For information about how your faculty advisors, professors, and peer advisors can help, visit McGill's Advising Website.

There are many resources to help answer questions before you reach out to an advisor. Please consult the Where to go? guide to make sure an advisor is the appropriate contact to get your questions answered.

BSW Cohort Advisors

Cohort Advisor for U1 students entering U1 and U1 students   


julia.krane [at] (PROF. JULIA KRANE)



Cohort Advisor U2 for students entering U2 and U2 students         





Cohort Advisor U3 for students entering U3 and U3 students 

(last name begins with A-I)   

michael.j.mackenzie [at] (PROF. MICHAEL MACKENZIE)




Cohort Advisor U3 for students entering U3 and U3 students     

(last name begins with J-R)

zack.marshall [at] (PROF. WANDA GABRIEL)


Cohort advisor for students entering U3 and U3 students

(Last name begins with S-Z)       

charles.gyan [at] (PROF. CHARLES GYAN)


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