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naima.bentayeb.ccomtl [at] (Naïma Bentayeb)

Adjunct Professor

Naïma Bentayeb is an adjunct professor at at ENAP, and coordinator of evaluation and ETMISSS (Evaluation of technologies and modes of intervention in health and social services) projects at University Institute SHERPA at CIUSSS West Central Montreal. Dr. Bentayeb conducts evaluations and researchs focused on both community and institutional practice settings. She is particularly interested in structural and systemic issues concerning the reception, settlement, and integration of immigrants, as well as the community and institutional responses to the needs of this population. She is as well interested in youth protection and youth mental health, particularly in an ethnocultural context. Dr. Bentayeb advocates a developmental and a participative approach

Research interest:

- Program evaluation and policy analysis

- Interorganizational collaboration

- Intersectoral collaboration for complex public action

- Reception, settlement and integration of immigrants

- Child and Youth welfare and mental health

- Interpretation in intervention with allophone population

- Evaluation of public action sustainability

-Participative and developmental evaluation approaches

-Qualitative research


caplan, denim shirt

Tom Caplan

Adjunct Professor Tom Caplan is a social worker in private practice who works with individuals, couples, families and groups. Tom does clinical work with forensic populations, is the Clinical Director of the Montreal Psychotherapy Centre and is the founder and supervisor of the Montreal Anger Management Centre.


melanie.doucet [at] (Melanie Doucet)


Adjunct Professor


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esposito, glasses, smiling

Tonino Esposito

Adjunct Professor Tonino Esposito, Ph.D., joined the McGill Centre for Research on Children and Families (CRCF) in 2007 with eight years of experience as a child welfare and mental health social worker and was appointed Associate Director of the CRCF from 2012 to 2014. Tonino is currently an Adjunct Professor at McGill University and Assistant Professor at the University of Montreal and nominated for a Tier II Canadian Research Chair in Social Services for Vulnerable Children and Families.


zelda.freitas.cvd [at] (Zelda Freitas)

Adjunct Professor

Graduate of the McGill University School of Social Work with extensive experience in the delivery of services to older adults, their caregivers and families. For 12 years, was the clinical supervisor in a CLSC offering services to persons in loss of autonomy including older adults and palliative care in a home based program as well as for the Elder Mistreatment Helpline. Presently, Coordinator of the Developing Practices in support of Caregivers of the CIUSSS West-Central Montreal, Center for Research and Expertise in Social Gerontology. Member of the Council on Palliative Care since 1998, offering education presentations on topics related to caregiving issues, grief and loss, and access to care. Several collaborative research projects, presentations and publications related to psychosocial and interdisciplinary intervention, caregiving issues and psychosocial palliative care.


wanda.gabriel [at] (Wanda Gabriel)


Adjunct Professor



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Myra Giberovitch

Adjunct Professor

Myra Giberovitch has more than twenty-five years of experience in gerontological social work practice where she specializes in developing services and programs for survivors of mass atrocity crimes. She initiated the first community-based social service program for Holocaust survivors in Canada and subsequently founded Services for Holocaust Survivors at the Cummings Centre in Montreal. Her topics include social work practice with older adults and trauma and aging.



Jaswant Guzder

Associate Member Dr. Jaswant Guzder is a Professor in the Department of Psychiatry at McGill University. She is head of Child Psychiatry at the Jewish General Hospital, where she is also director of Child Day Treatment. Dr. Guzder specializes in multicultural child and family therapy and has published widely on issues related to addressing the mental health of refugee and immigrant populations, and cultural considerations in child and adolescent psychiatry.




sarilee.kahn [at] (Sarilee Kahn)

Adjunct Professor

Dr. Sarilee Kahn, formerly Associate Professor at the McGill University School of Social Work, is currently serving as Adjunct Professor. Dr. Kahn’s research focuses on experiences of trauma and resilience for individuals and communities holding intersecting marginalized identities. One of the first researchers to highlight the mental health and psychosocial needs of sexual and gender minority (SGM) migrants, she has conducted research with this multiply marginalized population of migrants in Canada, the US, Austria, the Netherlands, and South Africa. Her work has been published in such journals as the Journal of Immigrant and Refugee Studies; Culture, Health, & Sexuality; Journal of Sex Research; Journal of Traumatic Stress; and Transcultural Psychiatry. She was chosen as a panellist for the 2020 Best Brains Exchange, advising Canadian Government health authorities on the psychosocial needs of SGM migrants in urban and rural settings across the country, and is currently working with a team of researchers to develop and pilot best practices for SGM migrants in Quebec.

As an instructor, Dr. Kahn has taught Trauma and Resilience in International Populations; Adult Mental Health; Use of Self; and Introduction to Practicum, among other courses. She also has over 20 years of clinical experience providing psychological support to refugees and asylum seekers and serving as an expert witness for torture survivors seeking asylum in the US, including SGM claimants.

zack.marshall [at] (Zack Marshall)

Adjunct Professor
  • Critical research ethics and community-based research

  • Engagement scholarship

  • Health in queer and trans communities 

  • Harm reduction

  • Knowledge synthesis, scoping reviews, and systematic review methodologies


lpacheco [at] (Laura Pacheco)

Adjunct Professor

Laura Pacheco, Ph.D. is a graduate from McGill University and is a clinical researcher that coordinates a specialized evidence-based parenting service for persons with intellectual disabilities in Montreal. She has personal, clinical and advocacy experience with individuals, groups, couples and families within the field of disability from an intersectionality perspective. She is also a consultant for workers in the government, community and legal system. Laura is involved in a number of research and clinical projects including her post-doctoral work in the SSHRC research project exploring the support needs and service gaps of parents with intellectual impairment in Canada.

Her research interests are around the intersections of gender, disability, reproductive justice and caregiving, social and health disparities of women with disabilities, critical reflective of social work practice and decision-making within health and social service settings, narrative and participatory approaches to research. Laura is a member of IASIDD- Special Interest Group in Parenting and has conducted international trainings, workshops and conferences within this field.


Myra in front of a blue background

Myra Piat

Assistant Professor (Research)  Myra Piat has over 20 years of experience in social services in the public and community sectors, both as a practitioner and as an administrator. She holds a joint appointment with the Department of Psychology and the School of Social Work. Her interests are in mental health, housing for persons with psychiatric disabilities, mental health recovery, knowledge translation, peer support, qualitative research, participatory action research, users’ perspective, and evaluation of services.


David W. Rothwell

Adjunct Professor

David Rothwell is an Adjunct Professor of Social Work at McGill University.  His research interests include poverty and economic inequality and with a specialization in social developmental and asset-based interventions. He earned his doctorate in social welfare from the University of Hawai'i at Manoa and MSW from Tulane University. Before academia, He worked as a social worker in adult mental health (Veterans Affairs Medical Center, New Orleans) and community-based economic development (Hawai'i).


Catherine Roy
Associate Member

Catherine Roy holds a Ph.D. in Social Work since 2003. She joined the Centre for Research on Children and Families in June 2014 as an Academic Associate. Previously, Catherine had already collaborated with CRCF working on the evidence-based management project (EBM). Be it as a consultant or scientific professional, Catherine has gained valuable experience in the field of youth protection. She has led many program evaluation projects and has also contributed to developing and supporting systematic reviews and evidence-based assessments in the field of social sciences while working at Institut national d’excellence en santé et en services sociaux and at Centre jeunesse de Montréal-Institut universitaire. During her master and doctoral studies, Catherine’s research interests focused on teenage pregnancy, more specifically on the links between young mothers’ parenting behviors and children cognitive and motor development. She now aims to pursue the study of these themes while also developing knowledge and understanding around the notion of resiliency.


cazares, smiling, green shirt

Mónica Ruiz Casares

Adjunct Professor



Mónica Ruiz-Casares is an Associate Professor in the Division of Social and Transcultural Psychiatry at McGill.


Bill Ryan 

Adjunct Professor Bill Ryan works locally, provincially, nationally and internationally on issues related to sex education, prevention, care and policy development. He is a consultant to the Québec Ministry of Health and Social Services, Health Canada, the International Federation of Social Workers, UN AIDS, Christian Children's Fund (in Geneva, Kiev (Ukraine), Minsk (Belarus)), UNICEF and the Canadian AIDS Society.


Judith Sabetti



Judith Sabetti, Ph.D. is a Research Assistant at the Douglas Mental Health University Institute Research Centre. Her doctoral research focused on the stigma of mental illness in social businesses for people with serious mental illness. As Adjunct Professor, Dr. Sabetti is committed to engaging students in research activity as a lens for critically reflecting on their social work knowledge and practice. She supervises MSW students through a research field placement at the Douglas and is available for consultation on ISP projects pertaining to mental health.


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