BSW Tutorials

The BSW program offers three tutorial courses to students in U3:

  • SWRK 471 Tutorial in Social Work Research
  • SWRK 485 Tutorial in Social Work Practice
  • SWRK 486 Tutorial in Social Policy
  • A “tutorial” is an SWRK complementary course for credit – you must be in U3.
  • Unlike other BSW courses, the content and expectations of the tutorial course are negotiated with a faculty member who sets the expectations, due dates, and grades and supervises the tutorial.
  • Not all faculty members offer tutorials; ask them!
  • The research tutorial tends to derive from a professor’s research interests and activities; this is the same for the practice and policy tutorials.
  • Identify a SWRK tutorial as an SWRK complementary to your BSW Degree Planning form.
  • Once you decide to take a tutorial and register for it on Minerva, please complete the appropriate tutorial form on the BSW website, signed by you & tutorial instructor, and send to undergraduate.socialwork [at]
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