Reassessment Policy

BSW Reassessment Policy

The School of Social Work’s reassessment policy adheres to the Faculty of Arts policy (#5.8.3) which specifies the following:

In accordance with the Charter of Student Rights, and subject to the conditions stated therein, students have the right to consult any written submission for which they have received a mark and the right to discuss this submission with the examiner.

The Faculty of Arts recognizes two types of reassessments or rereads:

• Reassessment of coursework (term papers, mid-terms, assignments, quizzes, etc.);

• Reread for a final exam.

In both cases, rather than re-correct the work and then grade it as they would have done themselves, independent reviewers assess the appropriateness of the original grade based, for example, on the application of the grading key to the student’s work. If a grade is deemed unfair, it is changed, whether the new grade is higher or lower than the original – i.e. the reviewer’s grade takes precedence over the original grade.

Therefore in line with the policy in force across the Faculty of Art’s, reassessments of coursework are administered and conducted solely by the units involved (in this case, the School of social work) according to procedures specified by the units and made available to staff and students.