BSW Plan of Study

  • All BSW courses are provided at the McGill University downtown campus only.
  • No BSW courses are offered via distance or online education.
  • Admission is only for the Fall Semester.
  • The BSW program can be pursued on a full-time basis (4-5 courses/term) or on a part-time basis (1, 2, or 3 courses/term)
  • Normally, the BSW is completed in 3 academic years of full-time study

The Bachelor of Social Work is awarded upon successful completion of 90 credits of BSW Program approved courses taken, full-time, over three academic years.

Note: Students interested in pursuing the MSW program at McGill are strongly recommended to complete a statistics course as a Non-SWRK Complementary course or as an elective during their BSW or prior undergraduate studies.

As per McGill University regulations, all BSW students (admitted from CEGEP, Transfer, Inter/Intra-Faculty Transfer, Mature) must complete a minimum of 60 credits at McGill University toward the fulfillment of the degree requirements. At least two-thirds of all program requirements must generally be completed at McGill. See:

Exceeding 90 credit BSW program:



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