DO NOT use the Degree Evaluation Tool on Minerva. Moreover, the myProgress degree audit tool is not available for undergraduate students enrolled in Faculty of Arts degree programs (eg. BA, BSW and BTh). You must confirm that you have completed your program requirements with your departmental program advisors. Your advisors cannot answer questions regarding myProgress audit sheets.

Degree Planning Worksheet

Degree Planning Instructions

The Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degree integrates the Humanities, Social Sciences, Languages and a wide range of Interdisciplinary Studies into a coherent academic program. The Faculty of Arts programs are divided into concentrations to encourage flexibility, independence, and knowledge in a diversity of disciplines. Students may concentrate in one Arts discipline while obtaining Minor Concentrations in other Arts disciplines as well as in disciplines in a selection of other faculties. This provides students with an unprecedented opportunity to tailor a unique academic profile suited to their specific interests and career ambitions. Planning your degree can seem overwhelming - but it doesn’t have to be. We have prepared a degree planning guide to assist you with this process. 


McGill Arts graduates are valued for their ability to think critically and communicate effectively, often in more than one language. Their skills in research and analysis may be applied to a wide spectrum of professional fields, such as law, education, business, government, and public service.  As you plan your degree, strive to select programs and courses that will allow you to develop a skillset that is aligned to your intended career path.

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