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Arts OASIS Graduation Checklist

Check out the Planning Your Arts Graduation video for an audiovisual overview of planning your graduation.

DO NOT use the Degree Evaluation tool on Minerva to confirm your program or degree requirements. For the myProgress tool (also on Minerva), it is being developed and released gradually to all McGill students by the end of 2022 and therefore is not yet accurate. You must confirm that you have completed your program requirements with your departmental program advisors. OASIS advisors cannot answer questions regarding myProgress.

✔  Graduation Timeline:

Where can I view the status of my graduation and the timeline for the review of my graduation record?

You can view the status of your graduation request by accessing Minerva > Student Menu > Student Records Menu > Graduation Approval Query only once this function become available. The status of your request will remain "Pending" until ALL the steps below have been completed.

NOTE: If you try to enter your term of graduation again or if you check your Minerva Graduation Approval Query prior to the date it opens, you will receive a message stating that your record is not active – this is no reason for concern as long as your “Unofficial Transcript” on Minerva displays the correct term of graduation.

Graduation Review Period

Graduation Term Student Access to Minerva Graduation Approval Query Deadline for Departmental Program Adviser program approval on Minerva Deadline for Arts OASIS degree requirement approval on Minerva “Bachelor of Arts Granted” on Minerva record after Senate approval Granting of Diploma & Convocation Ceremony*



First week of May

Mid May

End of May



Mid to last week of September

Last week of September

End of September to mid-October

Mid to end of October



Mid to last week of January

Last week of January

End of January to mid-February

Mid to end of February


Your Minerva graduation record will be reviewed using the following steps according to the graduation review period listed above.

  1. ALL final grades for courses must be on your Minerva record in order for the graduation review to begin. Missing grades will postpone the review of your graduation request.
  2. Check your “Unofficial Transcript” on Minerva to make sure that your programs of study are accurate as an error in your programs will delay the review of your graduation record.
  3. Departmental Program Advisors must enter confirmation on the Minerva Graduation Approval Query that your program requirements (Major/Minor Concentrations or Honours/Joint Honours/Faculty Programs) have been completed.
  4. Your Minerva graduation record will be assigned to a Faculty Advisor in Arts OASIS for review. You will be contacted via your McGill email account during the graduation review period, should any problems arise. Please check your McGill email regularly during this period to avoid a delay in your graduation. If you have any questions, send your request from your McGill email account using our webform.
  5. The status of the Minerva Graduation Approval Query will change from "Pending" to "Approved" once your Departmental and Faculty graduation requirements (as per the graduation checklist) have been successfully met.
  6. Your Minerva transcript will be updated to indicate “Bachelor of Arts Granted” only once the university’s Senate has approved the list of graduating students. At this point, you can request a letter confirming your graduation through Minerva (select Student Records Menu then Letters - Proof of Enrolment and Proof of Enrolment Letters).
  7. Convocation and the distribution of Graduation Diplomas is not overseen by Arts OASIS. You will receive your diploma at the convocation ceremony that corresponds to your term of graduation.


✔  Graduation Application:

After you have completed the 'Graduation Record Verification' steps below: APPLY FOR GRADUATION on Minerva (U3 students only)

Select one of the following three terms of graduation:

Final Semester At McGill* I expect my Courses to be Completed by... Deadline to Apply on Minerva "Bachelor of Arts Granted" Status on your Record Granting of Diploma & Ceremony
Winter April End of February End of May June
Summer August End of May End of October October/November
Fall December End of November End of February June

*NOTE: Students who are taking one or more courses at another university during their term of graduation WILL NOT be eligible to graduate at the end of that final term. These students MUST select the NEXT available term of graduation. (See “Transferring Credit” “U3 students and graduation”).

For example, if your final term of study at McGill is the Winter term and you take one or more courses at another university in the Winter term, your term of graduation will not be the Winter term. Your term of graduation will become the next term of graduation which is Summer.

A Summer term of graduation means that your Minerva transcript will not indicate that you have completed your undergraduate degree until the end of October. Your convocation ceremony will be held in November. It is the student’s responsibility to verify the impact that this may have on beginning studies or employment in September.

  • Go to Student Menu > Student Records Menu > Apply for Graduation for your Primary Curriculum
  • Select your expected final semester of study.
  • Your Minerva record must show that you are in your U3 year of study in order to be able to enter a term of graduation. If your Minerva record indicates U2 or that you are in your U3 year of study and you are blocked from selecting or changing your graduation term on Minerva, you must contact Service Point.
  • Missed the deadline to apply for graduation? Complete the form here.
  • Double check to see that the correct graduation term appears on the upper-right hand corner of your record by going to Student Menu > Student Records Menu > View Your Unofficial Transcript

*If you do not attend your convocation ceremony, your diploma can be picked up a month after the ceremony at Service Point. If not, it will then be sent to your permanent address as listed on Minerva (be sure to update your contact information!)

Make sure to have your contact information updated on Minerva in the case that Service Point, as an example, need to contact you. To do this, go to Student Menu > Personal Menu > Addresses and Phones


✔  Graduation Record Verification:

Before you apply for graduation make sure to follow these steps:

Step 1 - Contact your departmental program advisors to confirm your program requirements

NOTE: Faculty advisors cannot confirm your program requirements!
  • Ensure that you have declared the correct programs on Minerva to avoid having your record reviewed for the wrong program. If necessary, correct your program selection on Minerva. If you are blocked from making program changes on Minerva, contact Service Point immediately.
  • Contact each of your departmental advisor(s) to confirm that you have completed your program requirements.
  • Note that the minimum requirement is to pursue two programs (at least one Major and one Minor) in two different academic units
    1. If you are completing an Honours program, you must also have completed a Minor concentration, except for the following two programs:
      1. Spécialisation enrichie du Département des littératures de langue française, de traduction et de création
      2. Honours Mathematics and Computer Science
    2. Faculty programs do not require a second program
  • A course can only count towards one program of study (Exception: with the approval of your departmental advisor, a freshman course can count towards both your U0 requirements and your program requirements.).
  • All required and complementary courses used to fulfill program requirements must be completed with a grade of C or better. Students completing the requirements of an Honours or Joint Honours program may need to achieve a higher minimum grade.
  • Courses in which you have received a final grade of D can count for elective credit only. If you repeat a course you have previously completed with a final grade of D, you will not earn an additional three credits when repeating the course.

Step 2 - Verify your CGPA and your minimum credit requirement

Note: A missing OR unresolved grade of L (deferred exam), K or KE (an extension to submit work) or a request for a re-read or reassessment for a course taken in your final term of study, will postpone the review of your Minerva graduation request.

  • The minimum CGPA required to graduate is 2.0. Those pursuing an Honours or Joint Honours program must have a minimum CGPA of 3.00 and must fulfill the specific program GPA requirements for their program.
  • Ensure that you have completed a minimum of 120 credits on your Minerva transcript. See Minimum Credit Requirement.
  • If you have completed more than 120 credits for your BA degree, consult the policy for "Exceeding the BA degree credit limit".
  • Final grades for ALL courses must appear on your Minerva record to begin the review your Minerva request for graduation.
  • If you repeat a course you have previously completed with a final grade of D, you will not earn an additional three credits when repeating the course.

Step 3 - Respecting McGill's Residency Requirement

  • Ensure that you completed a minimum of 60 out of your 120 credits at McGill University
  • Ensure that you completed a minimum of 2/3 of each of your program requirements at McGill University.
  • View the Residency Requirement policy for more details.

Step 4 - Ensure that you do not have a student hold on your unofficial McGill Transcript

  • Document Deficient
  • Missing Course Approval
  • Missing transcript
  • Freshman Courses Incomplete
  • DA Hold (Associate Dean Hold): does not prevent graduation and does not appear on external transcripts
  • Other: Tuition Fees, Library Fees, Permanent Code, etc.

For further information on holds, consult this website.

Step 5 - Verify that all Transfer Credits and Advanced Standing credits appear on your record (study away/exchange & pre-McGill credits)

  • Advanced Standing or Transfer Credits that do not appear on your Minerva record cannot be used to complete program or graduation requirements. A maximum of 6 credits of elective* courses taught through online education may be used towards your Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Social Work degree at McGill.
  • For questions about outstanding Transfer Credits completed during your Degree, please contact Arts OASIS
  • For questions about outstanding Advanced Standing and Transfer Credit completed prior to your admission to McGill, please contact Service Point
  • Your graduation will be postponed if you have unresolved Transfer Credit issues

Step 6 - Be aware of codes in the “Remarks” column of your unofficial McGill transcript.

  • 'I' flags (courses included in credits and GPA)
  • 'E' flags (courses excluded from credits and GPA)
  • 'A' flags (courses excluded from credits but included in GPA)
  • This can occur if you have:

1) taken a course that is not approved for your degree

2) repeated a course that is considered equivalent to one you have already completed

3) two courses on your transcript that have the same course number.

For example, if you complete HIST 315 (Topics course) in Fall 2019 and completed HIST 315 (Topics course) in Fall 2018, you will not receive credit for both courses. If the topic of the courses is different, you must advise the department offering the course to enter an “I” flag on both courses or enter the topic of each course on your Minerva record so that credit will be granted for both courses.

Step 7 - Verify that you have not exceeded the amount of elective credits under the S/U option

  • Courses taken under S/U will not count towards your program (Major, Minor, Honours, Faculty) or freshman requirements.
  • You may take only one S/U elective course per term, to a maximum of 10% of your total McGill resident credits. You can find information on the Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory policy here.
  • For the 'Additional S/U Option Approved by Senate' calculation (not the standard S/U option):
    • We are not including the Winter 2020 term in this calculation
    • You were permitted 6 additional credits to use in Fall 2020-Winter 2021

Step 8 - Verify that you have not exceeded the maximum amount of out-of-Faculty credits permitted for your B.A.

  • You may take up to a maximum of 12 elective credits outside of the Faculties of Arts and Science during your entire B.A. Degree
  • If you are pursuing an outside-of-Faculty program, you may take up to a total of 30 credits (consisting of both required and elective credits combined) outside of the Faculties of Arts and Science during your entire B.A. degree.
  • If you are pursuing two outside-of-Faculty programs, you may take up to a total of 40 credits (consisting of both required and electives credits combined) outside of the Faculties of Arts and Science during your entire B.A. Degree


✔  More Information for Graduating Students:

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