Study Away

IMPORTANT NOTE: Health and safety vary widely across the world, from country to country. As such, study abroad terms may be cancelled by McGill and/or its partners at any time. It is therefore recommended to plan serious financial commitments accordingly and carefully review all cancellation policies (e.g., travel, accommodation, insurance, etc.)

NOTE: All study abroad activities for Fall 2020, Winter 2021, Summer 2021 and Fall 2021 were cancelled.

To contact the Study Away Team, submit a request thru Arts OASIS Service Portal

Study abroad, what is it? It’s an incredible opportunity to study in a new setting and to enrich your education beyond academic learning. It’s also about experiencing different cultures, developing broader perspectives and enhancing your personal growth.

Whether you study abroad for a few weeks in the summer, a semester or a full academic year, there's a program for everyone.

Your Adventure Starts in 3 Phases

1. Plan and prepare

2. Application process

3. Transferring credit

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