Pre-Admission Transfer Credit form

To articulate TRNS XXX credits to use towards specific program requirements.

Remove Freshman / Foundation Program notation

To remove Freshman / Foundation Program if a student has 24 or more credits completed after their first semester. Grades from the first semester must be available for the notation to be removed.

Exceed 17 credits in a semester

To take more than 17 credits in one semester.

The opening and closing dates of the form for each term can be found on the Records Form page

Late course withdrawal

To withdraw from a course after the Withdrawal without Refund deadline.

Late course add 

To add a course after the Add/Drop deadline.

Special Letter Request

To request a special letter regarding McGill’s accreditation information, semester dates, language of instruction, etc.

Late Course Change: Honours to Major stream

To request to switch from the Honours section of a course to the Major (regular) section of a course (i.e. ECON 257 to ECON 227).

Taking 600-level courses

To register for a 600-level course as an undergraduate student.

Change graduation term

To add, change or remove a graduation term after initial deadline or graduation application.

Post-grad work permit letter

To request a letter confirming graduation eligibility before the degree is granted. Grades from the final semester must be available for the letter to be issued.

Request Leave of Absence

To request a Leave of Absence, as per the policy here. 

Exchange Cancellation

To cancel an exchange program semester that has already been approved.

Arts Internship Forms

Minor in Arts for Social Work Students Form

Other Forms

Other helpful forms can be found on the Student Records website under For students in the Faculties of Arts or Science.

Grade extension - Students may request directly to their Instructor an extension to work required for a course, per the Incomplete Course information found in the University eCalendar. Note that providing extensions is a decision that is up to each Instructor, and there is no guarantee that extensions will be granted. Such extensions - and K grades - for all Arts students are subject to the deadlines listed on the Arts OASIS Grading and Grade Submission page. Whereas a student's request may be granted by their Instructor, the posted deadlines for incomplete grades will be strictly enforced; the Instructor does not have the authority to provide an extension to an existing K/KE grade. 


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