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Health and wellness services available for students and other remote support such as Keep Me Safe and Maple.C
Arts OASIS is providing online and in-person advising by appointment ONLY. Please use one means of communication only (email or virtual drop-in) to help us avoid duplicating work. Sending duplicate email will not result in a quicker response time. When emailing us remember to use your McGill email address and include your student ID number.

Arts OASIS Advising Team

Associate Dean
Manuel Balán Associate Dean of Arts (Student Affairs)
Assistant to the Associate Dean
Demetra Pavlounis Student Advising Administrator
Office Manager
Romesh Vadivel Manager Student Affairs
Faculty Advisors
Mylena Bergeron Transfer Credits & Faculty Advisor
Ruth Kuzaitis Study Away & Faculty Advisor
Ines Scharnweber Inter-Faculty Transfers & Faculty Advisor
Nellie Voudouris ASAP Supervisor, Prospective Students & Orientation & Faculty Advisor
General Advisors & Administrative Support

Nevein Gamal Gamaleldin

Jennifer Belfo - on leave

Administrative Assistant
Jodi Harvey Administrative Student Affairs Coordinator, Study Away
Monica Hotter Student Affairs Administrator & Freshman Advisor
Ahmad Oustwani Administrative Student Affairs Coordinator
Pauline Perot Bonnell Administrative Student Affairs Coordinator
Francesca Siracusa Administrative Student Affairs Coordinator
Alejandra Moreira-Cano Student Affairs Administrator, Study Away
Student/Peer Advisors, Arts Student Advising Program (ASAP)
To Be Confirmed Student Advisor
Local Wellness Advisors, Student Wellness Hub
Bianca Brunetti Local Wellness Advisor - Arts
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