Advising Services

Arts OASIS provides online and in-person advising by appointment ONLY. Kindly use one means of communication (message or virtual drop-in). Sending duplicate Service Desk tickets will not result in a quicker response time.

Students enrolled in the Faculty of Arts: you are expected to be aware of the Faculty regulations as stated in eCalendar and on the McGill, Arts, and OASIS websites. While departmental and faculty advisers and staff are always available to give advice and guidance, the ultimate responsibility for completeness and correctness of course selection and registration; for compliance with, and completion of, program and degree requirements; and for the observance of regulations and deadlines, rests with you. It is your responsibility to seek guidance from the Office of Advising and Student Information Services (OASIS) if in any doubt; misunderstanding or misapprehension will not be accepted as cause for dispensation from any regulation, deadline, program, or degree requirement.

OASIS Mission

The mission of the Faculty of Arts Office of Advising and Student Information Services (OASIS) is to ensure the integrity and coherence of the Arts undergraduate degree, and to provide advice and support to our students regarding their academic trajectory, from entry to graduation. We do so valuing principles of fairness, accessibility, respect, engagement, confidentiality and collaboration with key stakeholders.

Advising services

Advising type Description Common Advising Issues Contact Appointment Bookings
General Enquiries (OASIS) Information/navigation assistance pertaining to your overall Arts degree, including:
  • Information sessions for new students
  • Where to find policy/procedure information
  • General timeline and deadline information
  • How/when to meet with a Faculty, Departmental, or Wellness adviser
  • Information sessions for Study Away

Course registration & regulations information

Important deadlines

Policy & process guidance

General degree requirement information

Study Away information

First-year guidance

Submit a ticket request/enquiry: 
Arts OASIS Service Portal

OASIS General Enquiries:

Book an online appointment

Book an in-person appointment

New Student or Study Away info sessions:

Book a Study Away session

Book a New Student info session

Faculty Advisers (OASIS)

Guidance and advising pertaining to:

  • Rules, regulations and requirements governing your overall degree
  • Help choosing majors and minors
  • Planning your degree and your credit load
  • Managing your academic situation during periods of personal, financial, or medical difficulty
  • Referrals to other University resources

Degree planning


Academic standings

Academic options in times of difficulty

Graduation evaluation

Submit a ticket request/enquiry: 
Arts OASIS Service Portal

Book an Academic Guidance appointment

Book a Degree-Planning appointment

Request Graduation Evaluation

Departmental Advising Guidance pertaining to course selections so as to meet the requirements of chosen academic programs. You will have an adviser in each academic program in which you are pursuing a Major/Minor/Honours/Faculty Program.

Academic program advising

Course permit overrides

Consult the list of Departmental Advising  
Wellness Advising Mental health clinicians embedded within faculties; services to orient and connect you with the appropriate support resource - on-campus or off-campus - for your unique situation. Wellness advising Contact Local Wellness Adviser - Arts Book a Wellness appointment
(new appointments open up every day)
Service Point General administrative services

Official transcripts

Letters of enrolment

Registration holds

Tuition residency

Legal status & fees

Student ID cards

Deferred final exams (Arts & Science students)

Late course withdrawals (Arts & Science students)

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Service Point portal
Book a Service Point appointment

Note regarding Arts OASIS online appointments:

  • Book using your McGill email account so as to receive a confirmation email with the link to the online appointment
  • Appointments will be via MS Teams
  • Allow the calendar a moment to load the appointments. Appointments are released daily or weekly (ie. not a month in advance)
  • Ensure that you are properly setup to join your meeting. If you need to cancel your appointment, do so right away to liberate the time for another student.

Information for New Students:

All newly-admitted students should refer to the OASIS new students webpage. The following are additional resources:


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