Academic Advising

Program Advising

For program and course specific advising, contact a department/program advisor now!

Popular topics include: program selection, course selection for programs, study abroad course approval for programs, program requirements, course registration issues, special permission for course registration.

OASIS Advising

Contact Arts OASIS for advising on your whole degree (excluding program advising).

Popular topics include: degree planning, Freshman Program, graduation, study abroad, deferred and supplemental exams, withdrawals, readmission, leave of absence, inter-faculty transfer, career development, wellness.

Service Point

Service Point provide administrative services to students (current and prospective), guests & parents.

Popular topics include: admissions information, official transcript requests, student ID cards, assistance with Minerva, exam information, tuition and student accounts, legal documents, general exchange questions.

Advising Syllabus 

There are various types of academic advising resources at McGill to help you stay on track & succeed academically while progressing through your BA degree. Depending on the type of information/support you are seeking, refer to the blocks below for details and refer to the University's Academic Advising Mission.

It is equally important to be aware of the Advisor & Advisee Responsibilities detailed in the Advising Syllabus.

Note to Parents/Guardians

Arts OASIS recognize the vital role that families play in supporting students at McGill.

Given our advising mandate, and supporting further building of your child's independence and resiliency, we will interact chiefly with the student when advising.  Per Québec privacy laws (details here), students must provide a reason why they cannot communicate with us themselves and consent to share their student status or record at McGill with a parent or third-party.


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