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Academic Advising

Dear student, there are different types of academic advising resources at McGill that will help you stay on track and succeed academically while you're progressing through your BA degree. Depending on the type of information or support you're seeking, you may find it helpful to visit us at Arts OASIS, contact a Departmental/Program advisor or head to the Service Point office. The Academic Advising website also provides detailed information about academic advising at McGill.

Dear parent, being there for your child and facilitating the transition to university life is clearly important. At Arts OASIS, we recognize the vital role families play in supporting students at McGill. Given our advising mandate, however, when advising, we will interact chiefly with the student, who is building further independence and resiliency. Moreover, because of Québec privacy laws, in order for any information about the student’s status or record at McGill to be shared with parents, students must provide explicit written consent through a third-party authorization form. For more information, please consult this website.

OASIS Advising

What we do: Degree planning, BA Freshman Program, program selection, program changes, graduation, study away and transfer credits, deferred and supplemental exam questions, course and university withdrawals, readmission, leaves of absence, inter-faculty transfers, probationary or unsatisfactory academic standing, academic or personal difficulty, policy questions: student rights, student assessment, etc.

Departmental Advising

What we do: Major/Minor/Honours program selection, course selection for programs, study away course approval for programs, program requirements, course registration issues, special permission for course registration