Information for Parents and Third Parties


Protection of Personal Information

In accordance with Quebec Privacy Legislation, Service Point is required by law to protect students' confidential information, and may only provide assistance to parents or third parties in a limited context.

Learning to manage difficult situations is part of the learning experience, and McGill provides a range of services and resources to support students through any challenges they may encounter. We encourage parents to candidly discuss with the student how communication may be maintained throughout the student’s university experience, and how parents in turn can continue to be supportive and helpful whilst not necessarily being directly involved in the student’s journey.


The kind of information we can share

  • General enquiries pertaining to navigational, procedural or policy matters
  • Confirmations of enrolment or graduation:

Note that McGill will not verify authenticity of documents. If the document in question was sent directly to you by McGill (as is the typical case for official transcripts), then it is considered official.

  • Specific enquiries limited to the following:
  1. Fee status and/or billing of a current student – Guest Access is required; or
  2. The admissions process as it pertains to an applicant – Consent to Disclose is required (applicants can track the status of their application directly via Minerva).

This means that Service Point staff are unable to share information – nor can we permit agency by a third party to act on the student’s behalf – for matters pertaining to enrolment status, grades, class schedule, personal information (including address/phone number) or other confidential applicant or student information, regardless of whether the student is a minor or that the third party is paying their tuition fees.


Useful websites to help guide your university trajectory


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