About Us

Service Point is the student facing unit of Enrolment Services, also known as the Registrar's Office. We provide a wide range of administrative services and assistance to students, Postdocs, alumni, applicants, guests, and parents. We aim to provide a user-friendly and efficient experience.

Located in the heart of the downtown Montreal campus, Service Point was designed to streamline and simplify access to essential university services. We are staffed by knowledgeable personnel who are trained to assist with a wide range of inquiries and issues. Our goal is to ensure that students can focus on their academic as well as extracurricular activities without being hampered by administrative hurdles.

We provide services related to:

  • Student Services:
    • Enrollment and Registration: Assistance with course registration, academic records, and transcripts.
    • Student ID Cards: Issuance and replacement of student ID cards.
    • Financial services: Guidance on tuition fees, payment deadlines and fee deferrals.
    • Exchange programs: Information about the application process and nominations.
  • Admissions:
    • Support for prospective students with application processes, admission requirements, and acceptance procedures.
  • Records and Documents:
    • Requests for official transcripts, diplomas, and other academic documentation.
  • General Inquiries:
    • Addressing various student inquiries and providing information about university resources and services.


McGill Service Point is here to help. We are reachable by phone, contact form, or in-person appointment


Le Point de Service

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