Track your application on Minerva

You will receive an email acknowledgment within 48 hours after submitting your application for admission.  The login information provided in the email will allow you to access your Minerva account to do the following:

- Upload your documents (if required)

- Verify that your documents have been received

- See if additional documents have been requested by an admissions officer

- Fill out applications for Scholarship and/or Financial Aid

- View the decision that has been made on your application. Consult our explanations

- Update your contact information

- Verify your student housing application

Throughout the application process, McGill will communicate with you through Minerva.  We normally do not send paper or email reminders about outstanding items to complete your file.  Therefore, checking your Minerva account regularly is important.  It is your responsibility to verify your status on Minerva and ensure the completion of your application.  


1) Go to the Minerva website

2) Log in using your McGill ID and PIN. In the letter of acknowledgement of your application, you will receive your McGill ID number. Your initial Minerva PIN is your date of birth in the format YYMMDD, (year, month, and day) such as 850624. You will also receive instructions on how to log into Minerva. If you have trouble logging in, call Service Point at 514-398-7878.

3) Select the Applicant Menu.

4) Select one of the menu options below. The options available to you change depending upon your application status.

Apply for Admission - For current or former McGill students who wish to apply to an undergraduate program.

View Application and Documentation Status 
View documentation requirements and upload documents (if required), as well as view admission decisions. If you are confused about your status, please consult our admission terminology.

Apply for a Major Entrance Scholarship – For students who wish to apply for Major Scholarship consideration.

View Financial Aid & Awards - For recipients of basic or major scholarship offers.

Submit OUAC Reference Number 
Ontario high school students can use this menu to submit or view information about their OUAC reference number.

Submit Self-Reported Grades 
Canadian high school students (outside QC and ON) applying to all undergraduate programs (except Music) must use this menu self-report their school grades.

View Student Housing Status
If you requested a place in McGill residence on the application, use this menu to view the status of your student housing application, accept a housing offer and pay the deposit.

If you forgot to apply for housing on the application, contact the housing.residences [at] (Residence Admission Office) directly. 


Type your short question in everyday language and receive a response and/or links to additional information. 

If you need to speak with a McGill representative, Service Point can help. Be sure to check out Service Pointers – their helpful tips on applying to McGill!