A unique community, made together.

What makes McGill so special? The people here that support you and drive you to be your best.

Our beautiful campuses and world-class facilities are where the McGill experience starts.

Why choose McGill?

McGill students picking samples near Saint Lawrence River

Build real-world skills

Gain hands-on experience and build valuable connections through internships, research programs and study abroad opportunities.

Photo of McGill downtown campus on McTavish Street

Pick a top student city

Affordable, multilingual, creative and bursting with culture, Montreal earns its stripes as one of the best student cities in the world.

Say hello to the McGill community.

Meet our creative students, discover the best study spots, and find out what makes this cosmopolitan city so awesome...all on our Instagram feed!

Grid of images from McGill Admissions' Instagram feed

Learn your own way

You have a ton of interests. How do they all fit together? With our flexible programs, you can design an education that plays to your creativity.

Launch your career

It’s never too early to start working on turning your passions into your profession. Astronauts, Nobel Prize winners, and trailblazers in every field started their career at McGill.

Live the #studentlife

Do you want to live on campus, or in an iconic Montreal three-story walk up? Which of our 300+ clubs will you join? Start planning out your student experience.

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