Look up and see the world.

We’re big believers that the best way to learn is through hands-on experience. Try an internship, study abroad or dive into a research program — you'll build real-world skills and make valuable connections along the way.

A student in a lab coat analyzing a sample in a microscope.

Gain professional experience

Our internships and co-op programs are a chance to apply all you’ve learned in the classroom to real-life situations.

Leverage McGill’s global connections to build on-the-job skills and make sure your CV stands out. Take your pick of placements and kick-start your career at leading institutions, from the United Nations Refugee Agency to the Canadian Space Agency and CBC Radio.

A person walking towards the horizon with a red background.

Broaden your perspective

Expand your horizons by studying abroad. Experience a different culture, and maybe even pick up a new language.

Choose from 150+ partner institutions around the globe — from Argentina to Australia and Spain to Singapore. Whether you’re majoring in poli sci, engineering or anything in between, we'll help you find a study abroad spot that will show you life from a whole new perspective.

Be a part of the next big discovery.

Many universities reserve top faculty members and research experiences for graduate students, but McGill breaks the mould. Our undergraduate students can learn alongside professors and help to conduct research that changes our world.


Learn, learn, learn. Every chance you get.

Your education might start in the classroom, but if you keep a look out, you'll find opportunities to learn, grow, and make the world a better place, no matter where you are.

Portrait of a student standing in front of a hilly background.

Learning on the ground in Ecuador

Before starting medical school, Nardin worked with local indigenous communities in the fight against infant malnutrition. Learn why the experience changed her perspective on global health.

Desautels undergrads in a group photo.

Investing in a better future for all

Learn about the Desautels undergrads who are dreaming up investment strategies that promote sustainability and social equality in the McGill International Portfolio Challenge.

A student and elderly woman greeting each other, both wearing Indian saris.

Bringing your education home

Kaavya was born in Chennai, India, but spent her whole life in Canada after moving here as a newborn. When she returned to Chennai for a 3-month internship with an NGO, her experience was full of surprises.

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