Made for a game-changing career.

Made by McGill

McGill ranks in the top 20 universities worldwide for graduate employability (Times Higher Education, 2019). Around the world, employers recognize the value and ingenuity of students made by the McGill experience. No matter where your dreams lead you, a McGill degree will open doors.

Canadian Space Agency portrait of Jennifer Sidey-Gibbons

Tales from space

Jennifer Gibbons (BEng’11) is the third McGill grad to become an astronaut. She hopes to be the first woman on the Moon

Portrait of Annamaria Enenajor

Working for justice

Annamaria Enenajor (BCL/LLB’12) advocates for cannabis amnesty and reform in North America's criminal justice systems

Portrait of Thibault Sorret.

Love for local food

Thibault Sorret (BCom’18) went from intern to executive at Lufa Farms, an urban agriculture company in Montreal

A portrait of Celine Thomas.

Advocacy at home

Celine Thomas (BA’17) put her degree in International Development to work in Canada where she helps Indigenous communities

Illustrated image from the Kanata Zero video game

Epic gaming worlds

Justin Stander (BSc'15) got started on his award-winning video game Kanata Zero in his sophomore year at McGill

Portrait of Andrea Zhu

Joining the circus

Andrea Zhu (BA ’13) came home to Montreal after taking her McGill degree around the world as a consultant

Students with collection nets in a field

Made by lessons learned outside the classroom.

We’re big believers that the best way to learn is through hands-on experience. You can build real-world skills and valuable connections through internships, study abroad opportunities and research programs.

Made to join a community that spans the globe

If there's one thing that makes a McGillian, it's the desire to give back — through our research, in our communities, and to our fellow grads. Wherever you are in the world, you can find mentorship, networking opportunities and valuable relationships through your alumni community.

Map out your career

As a McGill student, you’ll have access to valuable career-planning services throughout your degree, and up to a year after you graduate.

Track your experience

Your co-curricular record is a great opportunity to showcase your volunteer and student engagement experience to employers and grad recruiters.

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