Requirements - Clinical Studies


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IMPORTANT: Multiple documents must be integrated into ONE (1) PDF file for upload.

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Notes for applicants: Applicants are strongly encouraged to begin obtaining the required immunizations in January, as this process can take up to six months. Students who have accepted their offer of admission must upload the completed immunization form directly to the Student Wellness Hub, by June 15th. The immunization form can be found here; for information on this program requirement, please review this webpage and contact us for any questions. Students who have not completed the required immunizations by the deadline will not be permitted to register for the upcoming academic year.


Notes for newly admitted International students: You have been admitted to a program that includes a mandatory practical work component (such as a co-op, placement or stage). Accordingly, if you are not a citizen or permanent resident of Canada and, whether or not you will be paid, you must obtain a “coop work permit” in addition to your study permit.  Please see McGill’s International Student Services website for details:

You will need to obtain the “co-op” work permit before you begin your clinical studies and clinical internship. In order to apply for the “co-op” work permit, you will need written confirmation that your program includes a mandatory practical work component. In order to obtain a letter that confirms that you have a mandatory practical work component, download the pdf below for the program to which you were admitted. You will accompany the letter below with your letter of offer of admission when applying for the Work Coop Permit. You will also need to submit a Medical Exam with your application. Detailed instructions can be found on the McGill’s International Student Services’ website at:

Students applying for the co-op work permit must include the "International Student Letter" in addition to their acceptance letter into their program at McGill.  To obtain a copy of this letter, please contact undergraduate.nursing [at] or  graduate.nursing [at]

Clinical studies

For all students newly admitted to or enrolled in the B.Sc.(N.), BNI, or M.Sc.(A.)– all concentrations: The Ingram School of Nursing emphasizes an integrated approach to nursing education with theoretical courses provided to inform clinical practice and clinical practice informing theoretical content. Because of the strict requirements that must be met prior to entry into the clinical settings, it is important that students read the Clinical Studies section in the Ingram School of Nursing Faculty and Student Handbook and the items below

Pre-Clinical Requirements:

Several of the pre-clinical requirements must be organized before your arrival. See the timeline below. It is your responsibility to ensure that all documentation is submitted by the deadline. 


PRE-CLINICAL: RequirementS




Document(S) Needed




MScA - Nursing (DE)

MScA - Advanced Nursing (NE)

MScA - NP and GR Dip NP

Faculty of Medicine Code of Conduct To meet health care professional program requirements. August 15th August 15th August 15th -QY August 15th  May 8

As a newly admitted student to one of our professional programs, it is important that you read the Faculty of Medicine’s Code of Conduct, one of the essential references and foundational documents for your Nursing studies. The Code of Conduct can be found at

Print the document. On the last page, write your Lastname/Firstname, McGill ID number, the date and your handwritten signature. Scan these pages to one single pdf for upload to the Student Portal.
PERM Code To meet OIIQ registration requirements  Aug 15

Aug 15

Aug 15

Aug 15

May 8

To be submitted by student at Service Point, as per Registrar's requirements. See for more details.

If you are a continuing student, this perm code will appear on your McGill advising transcript. Verify if it is there, if it is not, then follow up as indicated above. There is no document to upload.

OIIQ Registration 

To meet legal requirements
of public protection

Sept 1st U1

Feb 1 U2

Sept 1st QY

Sept 1st Y1

May 8

OIIQ Student Registration Permit

Submit your application through the OIIQ, at a cost of $224.20, non-refundable and subject to change without prior notice. 

Please note that you should only submit the application once you receive an e-mail notification from the OIIQ (sometime in August).

Once you receive your student registration permit from the OIIQ, upload it (as "OIIQ registration") on the student portal. Read below for more details


Upload your OIIQ Nursing License via a screen shot (saved in PDF format) of the OIIQ confirmation page, or the image of your actual license.

Autorisation de Stage (applies to GR DIPL NPs only)

To meet legal requirements within the NP program for public protection and patient access.

        April 1st

Upload the image of your Autorisation de Stage once received.

Signed HSPnet
Consent form

To upload students names
and emails into the clinical
placement system HSPnet
to manage and track their

August 15th U1

Jan 15 U2

August 15th  QY

August 15th  Y1

May 8

Signed HSPnet Consent form,
see below for details.


As per the McGill
Student Wellness Hub (SWH)
protocol to protect
student, public, and
to meet requirements
of clinical agencies

June 15 (prior to first term of study)

June 15 (prior to first term of study)

June 15 (prior to first term of study) June 15 (prior to first term of study) June 15 (prior to first term of study)

Students must complete all these steps by the deadline stated:

  • Access the Ingram School of Nursing immunization form from the SWH website
  • Have the form completed by a medical professional;
  • Open a file at the SWH
  • Submit all immunization documentation to the SWH using their document submission platform
  • NSAO will receive notification of your status ("COMPLETE" or "INCOMPLETE") directly from SWH a few days following your receipt of the SWH email and we will update the Nursing Portal accordingly.

Flu Vaccine

Annual Flu Vaccine

Nov.10/ 2022




Nov.10/ 2022

Proof of flu vaccine as administering institution has provided. In cases where no proof was provided, please complete and upload this Influenza Vaccination Attestation Form.

COVID-19 Vaccine (2 doses) COVID-19 (2 doses) August 20 (prior to first term of study) August 20 (prior to first term of study) August 20 (prior to first term of study) August 20 (prior to first term of study) August 20 (prior to first term of study)

Proof of COVID-19 vaccine (2 doses) as administering institution has provided.

Students must be vaccinated with Government of Canada approved vaccines. 

Upload each dose separately (COV1 and COV2).


For students who have contracted COVID-19, currently, one dose of a Government of Canada approved COVID-19 vaccine are required; therefore, you are required to upload proof of a confirmed COVID-19 diagnosis as well as your proof of vaccination.

Note: Current recommendations for people who have had COVID-19 are available on this website:

Mask Fitting 


Fitting with N-95  Mask - McGill

May 1 U1 

Feb 1 U2

Sept 15 QY

Sept 15 Y1

May 8

Proof of Mask Fitting (card)
Mask fitting is required every two years.

Once registered, see MyCourses for details on Mask Fitting dates for your clinical site.

Declaration of blood-borne infection(s)

Students who are
seropositive for
Hepatitis B, C, HIV
and/or any other
blood-borne pathogens
must notify their
Program Director

Prior to clinical
studies as required

Prior to clinical studies as required

Prior to clinical studies as required

Prior to clinical
studies as required

Prior to clinical
studies as required


CPR (BLS Provider Course or BLS Blended 120) Certification 

CPR Certification:

  • Basic Life Support (BLS) Provider Course; OR
  • Basic Life Support (BLS) Blended 120

Jan 1 U1

Feb 1 U2

Sept 1st QY

Sept 1st Y1

April 1st 

CPR Certification Card (see below for NPR if you are an NP Neonatology student).

Course provided by the Heart and Stroke Foundation (Canada) or the Canadian Red Cross.

BLS provider course = Dispensateur de SIR (Soins immédiats en réanimation)

BLS blended provider course = Formation hybride en SIR pour dispensateur

Neonataology Resuscitation Program (NPR) Certification NRP for all NP Neonatology students, regardless of level of study Not Applicable Not Applicable Not Applicable Not Applicable April 30th   NPR Certification Card – students should upload this as the CPR requirement – combining both documents into a single pdf file.
Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS PALS for all NP Pediatric students, regardless of level of study Not Applicable Not Applicable Not Applicable Not Applicable April 30th  PALS Certification Card – students should upload this as the CPR requirement – combining both documents into a single pdf file.

Preferred name

Required for name tag purposes

Aug 15

Aug 15

Aug 15

Aug 15

May 1

Log on to Minerva: Personal, name change, verify and update your preferred name. If your legal name is your preferred name, please leave preferred name box blank.

Professional appearance


Name tags to meet legal requirements.

Sept 15 U1

Sept 15 U2

Sept 15 QY

Sept 15 Y1

May 15

Must be registered in the following courses according to your program of study:

- NUR1 222 (BScN students only)
- NUR1 338 (BNI students only)
- NUR2 510 (Qualifying Year students only)

Name tags are distributed at Nursing Professionalism Event

ISoN uniform/uniform
for clinical studies 

Sept 15 U1

Feb 1 U2

Sept 15 QY

Sept 15 Y1

Not applicable

No Document 
- Required Purchase
at McGill Bookstore
or as otherwise







1- Health Assessment Equipment 

Required equipment to
enable health assessment 
(e.g., stethoscope,
pocket flashlight)

Sept 15 U1**

Sept 15 U2 **


Sept 15 QY **

Not applicable

No Document 
- Required Purchase

** Students will be
informed of details by
their nursing lab professor

2 - Exposure – Blood/Body Fluids/Injury 

Percutaneous exposure
to body substances or
any other injury places
students at risk and
requires investigation,
reporting, and follow-up

Within 48 hours
must notify NSAO

Within 48 hours
must notify NSAO

Within 48 hours
must notify NSAO

Within 48 hours
must notify NSAO

Within 48 hours
must notify NSAO

Completed CSST form

3 - Clinical site requirements 

Additional requirements
determined by the specific clinical site
(e.g. hand hygiene, criminal background check
IT training, etc.)

As required

As required

As required

As required

As required

Information available on HSPnet.

OIIQ student registration – additional information

Please review the following information carefully:

  • The OIIQ website advises to submit the application with all supporting documents and processing only when students receive an e-mail notification from the OIIQ. This email notification goes out when the educational institution provides the OIIQ with a list of new students. We anticipate Enrolment Services to submit the first report of "registered" students in mid-August.
  • In order for this report to be accurate and not result in errors, students must:
    • Update their Quebec mailing address and phone/cell number in MINERVA
    • Ensure that all legal documents ( ) are in place with Enrolment Services for the Perm Code creation or verification of an existing code.
  • OIIQ Registration Certificate (Certificat d’immatriculation): According to the OIIQ web site, students should receive their Certificate by e-mail within two weeks upon receipt of the application form and supporting documents/application fee.

Reminder:  Students are required to upload a copy of their OIIQ Registration Certificate via our nursing Portal upon receipt of this document.

Consent for release of personal information for clinical placements (HSPnet)

The Ingram School of Nursing uses a web-based application called Health Sciences Placement Network (HSPnet) to coordinate clinical placements. HSPnet is a secure web-enabled application developed and managed by the BC Academic Health Council on behalf of its partners in several jurisdictions across Canada. The HSPnet database contains information about students in clinical placements within health agencies. Students must authorize their educational unit to use and disclose their personal information (name, student profile) and to use (but not disclose) their personal health information via HSPnet for the purpose of locating and coordinating placements as required for their educational program.

Students should read the Identified Purposes and Handling of Personal Information / Traitement des renseignements personnels document to understand what kind of personal information will be kept and sent where.

Then students should read through the Student Consent FormFormulaire de consentement, complete all pertinent information, add your handwritten signature, and upload the signed consent form via the Student PortalPlease note that the Clinical Placements Office must have a signed consent form for each new student entering clinical. Failure to provide a signed consent will delay entry into the clinical site, and consequently delay completion of nursing studies.

French Language Courses

For students who lack proficiency in French, it is recommended that they take French as a Second Language course prior to, or early in, the program. Working knowledge of French is essential when working in the clinical sites throughout the province of Quebec.

The Ingram School of Nursing offers ‘beginner’ and ‘intermediate’ level French language workshops specific to Nursing students. These workshops are free and offered throughout each semester to interested students. Certain courses provide ‘visual translation’ of material presented on slides in class (key English terms have French word appearing adjacent so as to facilitate acquiring medical vocabulary). For more information on these workshops, please contact the Nursing Peer Mentorship Program (NPMP) at npmp.nursing [at]

Other resources:

  • "The McGill French Language Centre offers credit and non-credit French courses including 3 designed for Health Sciences students Placement tests are required. Visit the French Language Centre for more information." 
  • The Faculty of Medicine offers French medical language workshops (basic, low, intermediate) for a minimal fee in fall and winter terms.
  • Dawson College offers a French Language course specifically for health professionals
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