The Ingram School of Nursing at a glance

McGill University, School of Nursing, Wilson HallOwen Egan


The Ingram School of Nursing (ISoN) at McGill University's Faculty of Medicine is an exceptional professional school providing world-class nursing education since 1920. The ISoN's mission is to educate current and future nurses; advance the art and science of nursing; and optimize health and health equity globally through academic excellence, strengths-based nursing, and innovation. The School offers students the chance to explore, discover and learn about the many rewarding opportunities the nursing profession has to offer in the 21st century.   

Strengths-Based Nursing

The Ingram School of Nursing adopted Strengths-Based Nursing (SBN) as its foundation for practice, education, and research. SBN is the culmination of an approach to nursing that has been an integral part of the McGill School of Nursing since its founding in 1920, evolving from the McGill Model of Nursing. Strengths-Based Nursing is both a philosophy as well as a value-driven approach that has as its foundational pillars: person/family centred care, empowerment, relational care, and innate and acquired healing.


  • First offered in 1974, the Master of Science (Applied) program for non-nurses, now called the Direct-Entry program, is still the only one of its kind in Canada.
  • In 1990, the first doctoral degree in nursing in Canada was granted at McGill.
  • The CJNR (Canadian Journal of Nursing Research), the first journal of nursing research in Canada, was founded at McGill in 1969. It is; however, no longer managed by the Ingram School of Nursing.
  • Faculty members are either based at the ISoN or in McGill affiliated hospitals.
  • Students take courses in different departments at McGill, such as biology, psychology and management, depending on interests and needs.
  • A unique network of more than 140-affiliated faculty, from Nursing Directors to Clinical Nurse Specialists and staff nurses, contribute to the student's education.
  • Students in the undergraduate program start clinical in their first year and may complete their program with an international placement.
  • The Nursing Undergraduate Society (NUS) and the Nursing Graduate Student Association (NGSA) are very active student associations enabling students to exchange ideas, discuss health care issues, participate in conferences, and develop leadership skills.
  • The School's administrative offices are located in Wilson Hall named after Morris Wilson, a former chancellor of the university. Read more on the building's history.

​Programs and Enrolment 

Programs are offered at the undergraduate, graduate and doctoral levels. The following table illustrates the number of nursing students enrolled in the fall semester in the last five years:

Year Undergrads Master's Certificate Diploma Doctoral Postdoctoral Total
2009 435 98 2 3 13 2 553
2010 460 92 0 7 19 1 579
2011 494 115 1 1 16 0 627
2012 530 122 1 7 17 2 679
2013 586 114 1 6 16 3 726
2014 672 111 0 8 11 4 806
2015 762 109 1 5 10 4 855
2016 751 112 0 12 11 2 888