Employment Opportunities

Join a thriving team during an exciting time of growth and energy!

At the Ingram School of Nursing, our dedicated faculty members are the heartbeat of our School. They excel not only as researchers and scholars, but as educators and mentors to the next generation of health-care leaders. Join our close-knit and mutually supportive team of academics today!

Types of available academic positions:

  • Clinical Instructors
  • Faculty Lecturers
  • Course Lecturers and Instructors
  • Affiliate Status - NP Program

Interested in becoming a part of our team of administrative support staff? Our team is composed of professionals working to support our faculty members, students, and to promote the Ingram School of Nursing and the art and science of nursing in Canada and around the world.

Types of available administrative positions:

  • Research Assistants
  • Undergraduate Course Assistants
  • Course Graders
  • Teaching Assistants
  • Invigilators
  • Course Assistants
  • Standardized Patients



    All available ISoN pPositions are posted on Workday. Please consult the procedure to apply for ISoN positions.

    Winter 2021 - PRIORITY POINTS LIST: ISoN Course Lecturers

    Winter 2021 - PRIORITY POINTS LIST: ISoN Clinical Instructors

    Available Opportunities


    ISoN Course Lecturers

    HSEL 308 Course Lecturer (Fall 2021)

    NUR1 209 Course Lecturer (Fall 2021)

    NUR1 224 Course Lecturer (Fall 2021)

    NUR1 300 Course Lecturer (Fall 2021)

    NUR1 318 Course Lecturer (Fall 2021)

    NUR1 325 Course Lecturer (Fall 2021)

    NUR1 424 (Law) Course Lecturer (Fall 2021)

    NUR1 424 Course Lecturer (Fall 2021)

    NUR2 500 Course Lecturer (Fall 2021)

    PDF icon NUR2 607 Course Lecturer (Fall 2021) (supp posting)

    NUR2 608 Course Lecturer (Fall 2021)

    NUR2 617 Course Lecturer (Fall 2021)

    NUR2 640 Course Lecturer (Fall 2021)



    ISoN Clinical Instructors

    NUR1 234 Clinical Instructor (Fall 2021)

    NUR1 332 Clinical Instructor (Fall 2021)

    NUR1 431 Clinical Instructor (Fall 2021)

    NUR1 432 Clinical Instructor (Fall 2021)

    NUR1 513 Clinical Instructor (Fall 2021)

    NUR1 609 Clinical Instructor (Fall 2021)

    NUR2 650 Clinical Instructor (Fall 2021)

    NUR2 652 Clinical Instructor (Fall 2021) 

    NUR2 654 Clinical Instructor (Fall 2021)

    NUR2 656 Clinical Instructor (Fall 2021)

    ISoN Faculty Positions


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