Newly admitted BNI and BScN students

Welcome to McGill’s Ingram School of Nursing (ISoN)!

Please carefully read this page in order to prepare for a successful first year at our School.

General University Requirements

The University has created the "Next Steps" webpage which offers a broad overview of the important steps all newly admitted undergraduate McGill students must complete.  Please be sure to complete each step as soon as possible.

Registration and Fall Course Delivery (ISoN-specific)

Students must ensure that they are registered in the required courses of their program, as detailed on the course of study pages (BNI and BScN). Many courses must be registered for at the same time – the best way to ensure successful registration is to use the Quick Add/Drop feature in Minerva Registration menu and enter all the CRNs you need, then submit. Please review the "Registration and Study Guidelines" section of the Undergraduate Student Handbook for more information. 

Clinical requirements (including COVID-19 vaccine requirements)

All newly admitted students in both the BNI and BScN programs are required to complete all required immunizations by June 15th. It is important that you upload proof that both doses of the COVID-19 vaccine have been administered. Please review our Clinical Requirements website for more information.  

BScN students - Advanced Standings

Note that all students entering the BScN program must complete a U0 year of study if they have not completed the required U0 courses (or their equivalent as detailed on the transfer credit or course equivalency sites)

Generally, all students entering from a high school must complete the U0 courses; students entering from CEGEP have completed all the equivalent U0 courses and begin their BScN degree in U1.

IB, French bacc, A-Level, mature and university transfer/2nd degree students must review the U0 courses, as well as the advanced standing website to determine which U0 courses they still have to complete. Please note that to be considered equivalent all Math and Science courses must have been successfully completed within the last five years.

Updating Address Information 

It is very important to enter the Mailing Address (that you will use come September) on Minerva, as soon as you know it. If you already know where you will live, please enter this information as soon as you can; instructions can be found here. PLEASE NOTE that your apartment/room number must be the only entry on the first line of the “Address Line 1” field. It is also important to enter you cell phone number (do not add a ‘1’ or ‘1+’ in front of the area code).

For example:


BNI online students - General Information


The BNI Online is an integrated program with three course types:

  • Allied and Nursing Science courses [theory] (NUR1 209, NUR1 210, NUR1 222, NUR1 312, NUR1 318, NUR1 320, NUR1 329, NUR1 300, NUR1 301, EDPE 375, and two electives);
  • Inquiry-Based courses [application] (NUR1 318, NUR1 327, NUR1 423 and NUR 1 424);
  • Laboratory, Simulations and Clinical courses (NUR1 338, NUR1 339, NUR1 434, NUR1 431 and NUR1 432)

The theory and application courses are offered asynchronously via 10 modules within the 13 week semester. There will be several virtual/online synchronous sessions throughout the semester, and the dates and times will be communicated to the student at the start of each semester.

The Laboratory and Simulations components of the courses will take place both asynchronously and synchronously during the semester. The dates and times for the synchronous sessions will be communicated to the students at the beginning of the semester.

The clinical component/stage will take place in-person, and every effort will be made to place the student in their current area of employment.

You will notice that on Minerva the start and end times of your classes appear as 00:05-23:55. As students are expected to self-manage their studies (with the exception of some synchronous and in person course requirements), there is no daily set course schedule.


Although you may have followed your courses remotely in the past, it is important to note that "online" and "remote" are different learning modalities. Remote learning follows a fixed time schedule, much like on campus, and lectures are delivered in real-time. This modality is used to transition in-person teaching to online in response to a disruption. Online leaning is purposely designed to be delivered online by a team of experts and allows students some flexibility to set their own pace as the work is carried out primarily asynchronously.


Currently, there is one “NUR1” (nursing) online course that can be used as an elective (NUR1 311 - Infection Prevention & Control). Students may also consider taking an online course offered at another university in Quebec through the Inter-University transfer agreement. For more information, please consult:

Note: In the 2023-2024 academic year, HSEL 308 and HSEL 309 will also be offered online.

PDF icon General Information about the BNI online program

BNI online students - Tuition

You are enrolled in an online academic program, and as such are required - for each semester in which you are enrolled - to disclose the physical location from which you are studying, for the majority of that semester (e.g. Inside Quebec; Outside Quebec within Canada; or Outside Canada).  For more information, please consult the following website:

Ordering Scrubs

Scrubs are the uniform you are expected and required to wear during your “clinical courses”. A clinical course may occur in the Nursing Lab or in a clinical setting. U0s do not have any clinical course. It is recommended that you order at least two sets (one to wear while the other is being washed). The official McGill Scrubs are available for purchase on-line from the Le James Bookstore

•The top is a standard style, you will however need to choose the style of pant you prefer.

•Please use the sizing chart to help you find the perfect fit.

•Once the order is placed, it will take 24-48 hrs before they will be available for pick up at the bookstore.

•You will receive an email with instructions on when and where to pick them up.

Other material that you can purchase at the McGill Bookstore include books for your courses, a stethoscope and McGill insignia items.

Undergraduate Student Handbook

Students should read the entire Undergraduate Student Handbook once it is updated in the 3rd week of August. 


We suggest that all students attend Orientation.  For more information, please review the CL&E website. The Ingram School of Nursing hosts our own Orientation activity; please find additional information below:

Date: Tuesday, August 22, 2023. More information will be available in the coming weeks. 

Professionalism Ceremony

The Nursing Professionalism Ceremony is an important event held during the second half of September marking your entry into the profession with pride. Date TBA; please review the Professionalism webpage for more information.

Student Resources

The ISoN encourages students to become familiar with the resources available to them within the ISoN, the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, and the University. Please be sure to familiarize yourself with our Student Resources webpage, specifically the information on our Nursing Peer Mentorship Program



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