Fall Orientation 2021

We are committed to providing new students with a seamless, safe, and fun orientation experience. This year, orientation will happen virtually. We are working closely with faculty, staff, and students to plan and develop virtual orientation activities.

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Please read the Orientation 2021 Student Guide to learn everything you need to know about registering for Orientation and Frosh: PDF icon McGill Orientation 2021 Student Guide
You must use your McGill email address to access the platform. If you have any trouble registering, please email us at firstyear [at] mcgill.ca from your McGill email address and provide your student number.

The residence move-in period is scheduled August 20 to 29, 2021 for downtown students and August 23 to 28 for Macdonald studentsOrientation activities will start August 23rd. There will be a variety of events over the course of the week. More information on our annual events and a Frosh FAQ can be found below.









August 22
August 23
August 24
August 25
August 26
August 27
August 28

Off-Campus Connects for Commuter Students


Discover McGill University-Wide Orientation 

  • Services Fair (10am-12:30pm)
  • Faculty Orientations

Discover McGill University-Wide Orientation 

  • Faculty Orientations

Session d'accueil pour étudiants francophones (9:30-10:30 am)

Frosh begins.

August 29
August 30
August 31
September 1
September 2
September 3
September 4

First-Year Success Workshops (all day)

Mature, Transfer and Re-Entry Student Orientation (12-2pm)

First-Year Success Workshops (all day)

First-Generation Welcome Reception and Orientation (12-2pm)

Classes begin.      

OCX 2021 will be held on August 23rd in two sessions from 10am to 1pm and 6pm to 9pm (EDT). Starting off with a few rounds of speed-friending, off-campus students will be given the chance to interact with peers over two team-building exercises. First, students will be tasked with learning about the lesser-known stories of McGill through an interactive game offered by the McGill Library. After, students will virtually discover the city of Montreal through an online version of the amazing race! The two top teams will receive a prize at the end of the event! Visit the OCX website to learn more. 

Discover McGill will be split into two days. On Tuesday, it begins with a welcome address from the Principal. This is followed by an interactive Virtual Services Fair, where you can check out all the options you have to get involved at McGill! McGill clubs, teams, services, associations, and organizations will be invited to set up a virtual booth, and you'll be able to message, video chat, and drop in to visit any booth you're interested in! Registration will open on the orientation website in early August.

On Wednesday, most faculties will be hosting the ever-important Faculty Orientation, where you will learn all you need to know to successfully navigate your way through your first-year academics at McGill! Note: some faculties will be hosting their Faculty Orientation on Tuesday after the Virtual Services Fair.

Your attendance is crucial as this is McGill’s ONLY University-wide orientation event, and lots of important information will be conveyed over the two days – take advantage of this unique opportunity to learn more about how McGill can help you succeed!

Pendant la session d'accueil pour étudiants francophones, l'Adjointe aux étudiants francophones vous souhaitera elle-même la bienvenue et vous communiquera des informations essentielles pour réussir à McGill. Cette session de bienvenue sera aussi l'occasion de rencontrer d'autres étudiants francophones.  

Manon Lemelin, First-Year Assistant for Francophone Students  An orientation/information session for Francophone students who will be studying in English for the first time.

Do you have concerns about your study skills or what a university workload will entail? Perhaps you will be studying in English for the first time. If so, register for the workshops offered over the course of two days before classes start to get a head start on your university career! Some topics include time management, accessing library services, learning with Zoom, strategies for remote learning success, and academic culture for international students!

This information session, specifically planned for mature, re-entry, and transfer students, is intended to help you have a strong start to your McGill career by informing you of the various resource services available on campus. There will also be opportunities to connect with your peers!

This is a great opportunity to meet and connect with other incoming first-generation students, upper-year first-generation students, alumni, and staff. Students will also learn about resources and support available to them. Visit the First Generation Student Support website to learn more.

*A first-generation student is one who is the first in their family to attend university.

This year, CL&E is partnering with Queer McGill (QM) to create a Queer Orientation for all incoming students! Join us on September 8th from 6:30PM-8:00PM EDT to learn more about different resources on- and off-campus, how to get involved with Queer McGill, and meet new people. There will be a variety of events taking place where you can ask questions, talk with representative of different organizations on campus, play games, and learn more about Queer events in Montreal and at McGill. New students can register through Eventus, and returning students are also welcome to attend and can register through Zoom. This event welcomes anybody who identifies within or beyond the 2SLGBTQIA+ umbrella, anybody questioning, and allies.

Frosh FAQ's

What is Frosh?

As part of Orientation Week, Frosh is a series of events organized by Faculty Student Associations, groups, and clubs. Frosh is an open invitation to all incoming students and involves welcoming you to both the University and to Montreal through community-building and social activities. Frosh will also include an academic aspect that will allow you the chance to get to know more about your faculty and the services offered to you as a student at McGill.

Will Frosh be online?

Due to the ongoing and evolving nature of the COVID-19 pandemic, McGill has decided to implement a hybrid model for Frosh 2021. Low-risk activities will be held in person, while larger events will be held virtually. For in-person events, there will also be a virtual option. While being mindful of current government regulations prevents us from hosting large in-person events, we remain hopeful that low-risk gatherings may occur in a safe and inclusive manner. Your faculty or non-faculty frosh will have more details about specific programming. Stay tuned!

What is the difference between Orientation and Frosh?

Orientation Week is a multi-day period encompassing all the different events for incoming students hosted by a number of groups, which includes Frosh. It is organized by various offices and members of the administration at McGill, such as academic advisors, Faculty advisors and Campus Life & Engagement. Frosh is student-run, coordinated by either a club, group, or Faculty/School student association and is primarily made up of social activities.

Why should I participate in Frosh?

Frosh is one of the first opportunities to connect with others who are also experiencing life as new students at McGill. It is also a chance to meet upper-year students that can act as mentors and resources during and after Frosh. Finally, Frosh is an excellent introduction to the McGill community at large, and can help you identify extra-curricular activities that are of interest to you, resources that you can benefit from over the course of your time at McGill, and of course, introduce you to your fellow students’ favourite parts of Montreal!

Do I have to attend every Frosh event?

Attendance is not mandatory for any Frosh event, however, we do encourage you to make the most of what Frosh has to offer. It is important to remain mindful of your needs and the ways in which you can practice self-care. You are welcome to join those events which you feel best reflect your best personal interest(s) and are invited to view event recordings at a more convenient time for you, should this be applicable. If you are going to miss an event during Frosh, please inform your leaders.

What is the cost of Frosh?

The cost of Frosh typically varies across faculties, groups, and clubs. As more details about the programming of Frosh get released, Coordinators will begin releasing information about the cost of their Frosh and what is included with each ticket.

Will I be encouraged to consume alcohol during Frosh?

While Frosh is mainly made up of social events, please keep in mind that it does not entail the consumption of alcohol or other substances. We strongly urge you to be aware of the fact that it is difficult for us to effectively reduce harm or provide you with any necessary assistance that comes as a result of consumption in a virtual world. We do not encourage the consumption of alcohol or other substances during Frosh events. Should you make the choice to do so, please be informed of all laws and regulations in regard to substance use as well as safe consumption practices, such as knowing your limits and making sure that you are not alone when you engage in such activities.

What is the role of Frosh Coordinators?

Coordinators are upper-year students who are tasked with organizing events for the incoming class that will welcome students to McGill in a fun, safe, accessible, and inclusive way. They also oversee the Frosh leaders, who will be directly interacting with the students the most. Coordinators work hard during the months leading up to Frosh to plan it and continue to work behind the scenes throughout Frosh to ensure that things are running properly. Among many others, their responsibilities during Frosh include being a resource for incoming students and Frosh leaders during any situation they may encounter.

What are Frosh Leaders?

Frosh leaders are upper-year students who have been selected to accompany incoming students as they enter McGill. This includes guiding you during events, being available to answer any questions you may have, facilitating group interactions with other participants, and creating a safe space at all times. Having been incoming students in the past themselves, they are a valuable resource for sharing experiences and knowledge.

What qualifications do Frosh event Organizers have?

Frosh Coordinators, Leaders, and Orientation staff are extensively trained by the University on topics such as consent and responding to disclosures, safety, equity and diversity, accessibility, community-building, communications and conflict management, harm reduction, and self-care. Additionally, individuals selected to be part of the Frosh team offer fantastic insight into student life at McGill and are extremely well equipped to help you navigate your first year with us, and beyond!

Faculty Frosh

Faculty Frosh Contact Information
Arts Frosh



Arts & Science Frosh



Education Frosh



Engineering Frosh



MacDonald Campus Frosh



Management Frosh



Music Frosh



Physical and Occupational Therapy Frosh



Science Frosh



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Non-Faculty Frosh

Non-Faculty Frosh Contact Information
Rad Frosh https://qpirgmcgill.org/rad-frosh/
Fish Frosh https://www.facebook.com/mcgillfishfrosh/
Jewish Frosh https://jewishfrosh.wixsite.com/frosh2020
Muslim Frosh https://www.facebook.com/msamcgillfrosh
Outdoor Frosh http://www.mcgilloutdoorsfrosh.com/
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Sustainable Event Certification

McGill Sustainable Virtual Event Certification Seal



We are proud to announce that all undergraduate orientation events have been awarded certification by the McGill Sustainable Events program run by the McGill Office of Sustainability.

Nous sommes fiers d’annoncer que notre événement a été certifié comme événement durable par le programme Événements durables McGill du Bureau du développement durable de l’Université McGill.

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