IMPORTANT for U.S. high school applicants Fall 2021

  • Test optional
  • Self-reporting of grades

Step 7: Submit documents and keep in touch.

Track your application on Minerva

You'll receive an email confirmation within 48 hours after submitting your application for admission. With the login information you receive, you can access your Minerva account to do the following:

  • Upload your documents (if required)
  • Verify that your documents have been received (you'll see a received date next to the item in the checklist)
  • See if additional documents have been requested by an admissions officer
  • Fill out applications for Scholarship and/or Financial Aid
  • View the decision that has been made on your application (consult our admission glossary for definitions)
  • Update your contact information
  • Verify your student housing application

It's important to check your Minerva account regularly! It is your responsibility to verify your status on Minerva and ensure the completion of your application.

Submit supporting documents

We'll tell you which documents we need and when - all you have to do is check Minerva and your email regularly. Here's how to get ahead on the most common types of supporting documents:

  1. Verify which supporting documents you need

  2. Learn how to prepare documents for upload

  3. Find out when and how to self-report your grades if you're at a Canadian high school (outside QC and ON) or U.S. High School

  4. Make sure you share your external test results with us

What documents might I need?

Consult your pre-application to-do list for all the documents you'll need.

How do I...?

Find answers to your questions about how to submit documents.

Not familiar with a term?

Review our glossary of common admission terms used in Minerva.

When to expect a decision

The timing of when you receive an answer depends on several factors, including the completion of your application, supporting documents and the program(s) you applied to. Keep in mind that it could take months before you receive a decision.

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