Modifying your application

I already submitted my application. Can I make changes to it?

Once you have submitted your application to McGill, you are no longer able to make changes online. If you made a mistake (i.e. name is misspelled, adding or removing extenuating circumstance, etc), you must submit a webform request via Service Point.

I want to change my program choice. Is this possible?

Once you have submitted your application, it is no longer possible to change your program choice. If you would like to make a program change or add a second choice, you will have to submit a new application before the application deadline.

I need to add or change my OUAC number. How do I do that?

If you did not enter your OUAC number, you should submit it through your Minerva (Applicant Menu->Submit OUAC Reference Number). If the number you entered is incorrect, you can send the correct number through our webform.

Late applications

Can I still apply if I missed the admission deadline?

Applicants are expected to consult the application and document submission deadlines which apply according to their educational background and program choice(s). Some programs may remain open past the application deadline, but note that priority will be given to applications that are submitted on time and that:

  • McGill reserves the right to cancel, or transfer to a subsequent term, any application submitted after the deadline dates listed, without prior notice.
  • Late applications:
    • will not be considered for scholarships;
    • will not be considered for limited enrolment programs, unless written permission to apply late is obtained in advance from the Admissions Office concerned;
    • will be considered for non-limited enrolment programs, only as time permits.

Formatting documents

How do I reformat my documents into a format which you accept?

Please refer to Preparing your documents.

What should I do if my document is larger than the file size limit?

For recommendations on how to decrease the file size of your documents, please refer to How to convert your files to PDF.

How can I ensure the page size of my image is acceptable?

View your document at 100% zoom and make sure that it is a reasonable size. If you have to scroll over multiple screens to see the whole document then it is too big. Adjust the size prior to uploading the document.

How do I create one single electronic file per checklist item, per submission?

I have uploaded a document and my checklist now shows a ‘Poor Quality Scan’ message for the uploaded document? What do I do?

You may see the following messages on the Minerva checklist: ‘Poor quality scan of uploaded document’, ‘Incomplete document was uploaded’ or ‘Incorrect document was uploaded’. If you see one of these messages on your checklist there was something wrong with the document you originally uploaded. You must re-upload the document and ensure it is a good quality scan, complete and the correct document for the checklist item requested. Please make use of the ability to preview your uploaded document prior to clicking on the Submit button.

Uploading documents

I am a graduate applicant and I would like more information regarding admission and uploading my documents.

Graduate applicants should consult the Future Graduate Students web site for detailed information regarding admissions deadlines and how to use our new document upload feature via Minerva.

I just uploaded my transcript and the link to upload a new version appears. Why?

The ‘Upload New Version’ link is a feature we offer to applicants to submit revised or updated transcripts. If you have significant changes to the initial transcript you uploaded, such as new grades, you should upload a new version. If there are no changes, you do not need to upload your transcript again.

I am a CEGEP applicant. How do I upload my CEGEP transcript?

CEGEP applicants have a checklist requirement for a CEGEP Electronic Transcript. McGill will obtain your transcript, on your behalf, from the MELS provided you submitted a correct Permanent Code.

I am an Ontario High School applicant. How do I upload my high school electronic transcript?

If you have a checklist requirement for an Ontario Electronic Transcript, McGill will obtain your transcript, on your behalf, from OUAC, starting in mid-February, provided you submitted a correct OUAC reference number.

I am a U.S. high school applicant. How do I self-report my grades?

If you are completing a US high school diploma in the U.S.A., you are required to self-report your grades. Please visit the Self-Reporting page for more information.

I am a Canadian High School applicant. How do I upload my self-reported grades?

Applicants from Canadian high schools outside of Ontario and Quebec are required to self-report grades through Minerva. Please refer to Submitting self-reported grades.

I wish to upload my test scores but I am not able to do so since there is no upload link. Why?

McGill receives most test results electronically (AP, SATS, TOEFL, IELTS, GRE, LSAT, MCAT) directly from the testing organization. Please ensure that you have authorized McGill to be a recipient of your test results.

I have uploaded my high school transcripts but I would also like to upload my predicted IB results. How do I do this?

Upload predicted IB results only if they are available to you. You can attach these results to your high school transcript. Upload your transcript and these results as one PDF file to fulfill the high school transcript checklist item. Where the predicted IB results are confidential and not issued to the student, they can be submitted by the school to a dedicated email address (officialschooldocs [at] mcgill.ca). Note that this email address will only accept documents received from a school.

My transcript is in a language other than English or French. Do I need to provide a translation?

I applied to two programs that require the same transcript. Do I need to upload it twice?

No. If some of your programs require the same document, you’ll only have to upload the document once.

I would like to upload letters of reference, however, I don’t see a link to upload. Why?

Letters of reference are required only for a very limited number of programs at McGill. If letters are required to render a decision on an applicant's file, their checklist will show this requirement. However, when required, they cannot be uploaded as they must be received directly from the referee.

How can I upload a document that is not on my checklist?

Only documents listed on your checklist are required as part of the admissions process. If the item is not listed on your checklist, we do not need the document. Please do not mail us any unsolicited documentation since it will not be reviewed. We need only the items indicated on the checklist to complete your file. However, you should review your checklist regularly as new items may be added when your file is reviewed.

Can a third party upload my documents for me?

No. Your documents cannot be uploaded by referees or other third parties at this time.

What happens after I’ve uploaded my documents?

An admissions officer will review your documents and render a decision on your file or may add additional checklist items to upload. We encourage you to check Minerva regularly for updates. Please refer to Checking your application status for more information.

My official transcript was sent in the mail. Should I upload the unofficial transcript?

To ensure the completeness of your file, you should upload an unofficial transcript. Official transcripts are not used for admission review and should not be sent. An official final transcript is required only for an admitted student who has accepted their offer of admission.

Mailing documents

I have uploaded my documents. Do I need to mail them?

No. Please do not send us copies of what you have uploaded. This could result in a delay in processing your file.

I have already mailed my documents. Do I still have to upload them?

If your checklist does not yet indicate that the documents were received, you should upload them to ensure your application file is complete.

My official transcript was sent in the mail. Should I upload the unofficial transcript?

To ensure the completeness of your file, you should upload an unofficial transcript. Official transcripts are not used for admission review and should not be sent. An official final transcript is required only for an admitted student who has accepted their offer of admission.


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