Registering for 600-level courses (Undergraduate Arts students)

Eligibility requirements:

  • You are an undergraduate Arts student, enrolled in U3 or higher.
  • Note: Visiting, Special or Exchange students are ineligible
  • Your current McGill CGPA is at least 3.30
  • You have the written approval from each of the following:
    • The instructor of the course; and
    • Your program advisor or the director of your undergraduate program.
  • You have not already exceeded the six credits maximum of 600-level courses to be counted towards your Arts degree, subject to regular degree requirements.
  • You have submitted your request by the requisite deadline:
    • Fall semester course: August 31st 
    • Winter semester course: December 15th 
    • Summer semester course: April 15th

Procedures to follow to submit a request:

  1. Get written approval from the professor of the course and your program advisor or the director of your undergraduate program.

The approvals should state the following:

  • Name of the Professor of the course / Departmental Advisor or Undergraduate Program Director
  • Title of course / Subject / Course Number / CRN / Semester
  • Email Example: Subject: Approval Confirmation to register for POLI 618.

This is to confirm that I approve of your request to register for POLI 618 Quantitative Analysis (CRN 514) in Fall 2023.

[Professor's Name]

  • You must save the approvals in pdf format.
  1. Complete the 600-level undergraduate enrolment form and upload both the approvals to it, by the above-mentioned deadlines, and well in advance of the start of classes.

If your request is approved:

  • You will be issued a permit-override to register for the course.
    • You must register for the course on MINERVA before the end of the course Add/Drop period. Where relevant, the late registration penalty will be applied, and will not be waived.
  • Once you've registered for it, the actual course number(s) will be recorded on your transcript.
  • The course evaluation methods and grading standards are the same for all students, whether graduate or undergraduate.
  • The regulations and practices of the Faculty of Arts remain in effect.

If your request is refused:

  • Requests will be refused where the above-mentioned criteria are not satisfied (eg. request was late; CGPA below 3.30; you are not in U3; you are a Visiting, Special or Exchange student).
  • All decisions are final. There is no appeals process.
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