Photography and Memorabilia


Graduation Portraits

Professional graduation portraits can be scheduled ahead of Convocation Day through the Students' Society of McGill University (SSMU).

Convocation Day Photography

SPEQ Photo will take photographs of students before they cross the stage, as they are greeted on stage and as they walk off stage and are greeted by the Faculty Dean or his/her delegate.

There will also be a Portrait Studio set up close to gown distribution for individual and family portraits. It is on a first-come basis and there are no appointments.  There is no sitting fee.

SPEQ Photo also offers a photo session before and after each convocation ceremony. These photos will be available for viewing and purchase 48 hours following your ceremony. Login information will be included in your diploma envelope. For further information, you may contact them directly at 514-351-8275.

Other Gifts and Memorabilia

Diploma Frames

McGill degree diplomas are 17" wide by 11" high (horizontal format). Certificates are 11" wide by 18" high (vertical format).
The University Bookstore, Le James, sells frames for diplomas and photographs. You can contact them at 514-398-7444 or visit their website.

McGill Apparel

McGill apparel is available through Redbird, the McGill Athletics store, as well as through the University Bookstore, Le James

University Rings and Other Gifts

The University Bookstore, Le James, sells a selection of gifts for McGill grads. University rings are no longer offered at Le James but can be ordered through the following suppliers:




Guests are asked not to present flowers to graduands before the ceremony, as they will not be permitted to carry them across the stage.
Parents and friends may also pre-order their flowers before the ceremony through a third-party company. Flowers will be available for purchase onsite on the day of convocation outside the entrance to the venue, at the metro level. 

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