On Convocation Day


Arrive at the Bell Centre (Ceilidh at Macdonald Campus) at least 1 hour before
your ceremony


Put on cap and gown, line up in order


Follow student marshal to your seat in the Bell Centre (Centennial Ballroom at Macdonald Campus)


Sit where shown and tear your
line-up card in two


When indicated give half of line-up card
to person at podium


Cross the stage as your name is read, receive tap by
Chancellor or designate at center


Have your photo taken with the Dean


Leave the stage and exchange other half of line-up card
for diploma


Return to your seat and remain until end of ceremony


Exit the Bell Centre (Centennial Ballroom at Macdonald Campus) and join your guests


Downtown Ceremonies - watch this video to prepare for your Convocation day!

IMPORTANT: Graduands must arrive at least ONE HOUR before the ceremony to the Bell Centre (Rio Tinto Entrance at 1909 Ave des Canadiens)(Ceilidh at Macdonald Campus) to line up.

Tips for arrival:

  • To participate in the ceremony, you must bring with you your cap, gown, hood (if applicable) ticket and line-up card.
  • Leave any valuables with your family and friends.
  • Please arrive at least ONE HOUR before the ceremony and go directly to Rio Tinto Entrance at the Bell Centre - 1909 Ave des Canadiens (Ceilidh at Macdonald Campus). If you arrive later, you might not be allowed to cross the stage.
  • Put on your cap and gown, and line up.
  • Follow the signs and use the number on your line-up card to find your place in the procession. You must line up in ascending order in accordance with the number on your card, as that number corresponds to the order in which degrees are awarded.
  • Marshals and Faculty ambassadors will be in the Bell Centre line up area (Ceilidh at Macdonald Campus) to assist you in finding your place.
  • You will proceed from the Bell Centre line up area (Ceilidh at Macdonald Campus) to your seats (Centennial Ballroom at Macdonald Campus).
  • Graduands must wear their caps as they enter the ceremony venue.
  • The hood should be worn with the strap around the neck. The silk lining of the flat part of the hood should face inwards against the back.

Crossing the stage:

  • Ushers will indicate to the graduands, row by row, when they should stand and leave their seats.
  • Graduands are required to wear their cap as they cross the stage.
  • Climb the stairs to the stage and give the person standing at the lectern half of your line-up card so that your name can be read.
  • As soon as your card is read, walk to the centre of the stage and pause in front of the Chancellor or their designate.
  • The Chancellor or their designate will tap you on the shoulder.
  • Continue across the stage to have your photo taken with the Dean.
  • Walk off stage, and exchange the remaining portion of your line-up card for your diploma.
  • Return to your seat.

Conclusion of ceremony

  • Please do not leave the venue until the ceremony is over.
  • When the proceedings have concluded, remain standing after the National Anthem until the Platform Party has left the hall.
  • Ushers and Marshals will indicate to the graduands, row by row, when they may exit the Convocation venue.
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