Admission requirements and deadlines

Select your educational background to view our admission requirements, deadlines and minimum grades:

If you identify as First Nations, Inuit, or Métis, you are encouraged to self-identify on your application.  For full details, please consult Indigenous applicants.

If you do not possess a conventional basis of admission such as a high school or CEGEP diploma you may qualify to apply as a Mature student.

If you are uncertain whether you possess a conventional basis of admission (such as high school or university) or whether you should apply as a Mature student, you may find the following PDF document helpful.

Factors that are NOT considered in the admission review:

- Interviews, extracurricular activities and additional documents (such as recommendation letters, personal statements and portfolios) are not considered in the admission review and should not be submitted.  Some exceptions do apply, please consult Additional Supporting Documents.

- Your citizenship or permanent resident status – our review will be based on your demonstrated academic ability, regardless of citizenship or resident status.  Later, if admitted, this information will impact your tuition fees.

- Legacy information – some universities and colleges have legacy programs which give special admission consideration to relatives of graduates; McGill does not have a legacy admission program.


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If you need to speak with a McGill representative, Service Point can help. Be sure to check out Service Pointers – their helpful tips on applying to McGill!