Macdonald Campus Graduate Student Orientation

While the 2018 winter orientation period has ended, students are encouraged to continue to seek out social events, extracurricular activities and sports, student groups, societies, and clubs to join, both at the Mac and main McGill campuses. There are many opportunities to enrich your experience while you are at McGill; take the opportunity to meet new people and experience different cultures, and to explore Montreal, Quebec, and Canada.

Fall 2018 Orientation will take place on August 31. Details will be provided during the summer 2018 period.

For news and events at Mac, students can contact the Macdonald Campus Graduate Student Society (MCGSS) or consult the Faculty’s weekly online student newsletter, the MCSS Mouthpiece, for ongoing events being held here at Macdonald Campus.

New Students: Looking for information?

Students are always welcome to come to the Macdonald Office of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies (MS2-074) with any questions you may have. You can also call us at 514-398-7838 or send an e-mail to gradstudies.macdonald [at] While you most certainly have already been communicating with your Graduate Program Coordinator during the admissions process, you can confirm which team member is responsible for helping students in your program by visiting our Grad Office web page

Resources for Grad Students

McGill Campus Life and Engagement provides a list of resources available to ensure the success of graduate and postdoctoral students. Mini-courses, seminars, and workshops on how to manage, how to learn and evolve, and how to thrive and excel, during your time as a graduate student at McGill. You can also check out tips on how to succeed in grad studies at McGill from a student’s perspective via the McGill GradLife Blog.

Also available for download are the following McGill graduate student publications:

  • You & McGill: Graduate and Postdoctoral Guide. This guide contains many useful resources and much important information on being a grad student at McGill, on both the downtown and Macdonald campuses.
  • New Graduate Student AskMcGill FAQ Sheet