Major in Agricultural Economics


Agricultural Economics is a key component of agricultural development, food system management and natural resource use. The Major incorporates agri-business that addresses food and resources, from the economics of agricultural enterprises to global trade and policy development. Students will benefit from courses that focus on economics, marketing, finance and public policy built on a science foundation. This includes ecology, environmental issues, and natural resources, for a wide range of future careers including but not limited to, the multi-billion dollar agri-food industry and international development.


Suggested Specializations

Agri-business*: Solid financial and market analysis and appropriate policies of agriculture and food systems. Broad understanding of agriculture and food systems and specialized skills in business management.

Environmental Economics: Environmental economics integrated with biological and environmental sciences. Environmental policies and management of natural resources.

Professional Agrology: Agrology encompasses the science and technology required for agricultural production.  Membership to the Order of Agrologists of Quebec (OAQ) requires students to take this specialization along with a second designated specialization, marked with an asterisk.


* Combine with the Professional Agrology specialization for eligibility in the Order of Agrologists of Quebec (OAQ).


To view required courses:

Bachelor of Science (Agricultural and Environmental Sciences) (B.Sc.(Ag.Env.Sc.)) - Major Agricultural Economics (42 Credits)

For students interested in membership in L’Ordre des agronomes du Québec (OAQ), there are specific courses you must take as part of your program. These courses are provided through the specialization in Professional Agrology.This specialization must be taken together with the specialization in Agri-Business.


■ Management of natural resources
■ Environmental policy analyst
■ Farm and agri-business management
■ Banking, finance, marketing (agri-food industry)
■ Economist
■ Professional Agrologist