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Grad Forms and Procedures

Nomination of Examiners Forms

Master's Thesis Nomination of Examiners Form

PhD Thesis Nomination of Examiners Form

The naming convention for the nomination form must be as follows:

  • ID#_last name_first name_unit name_nomform.pdf
  • E.g., 260123456_Smith_John_Electrical&ComputerEng (ECE)_nomform.pdf

Thesis Submission

Macdonald Campus students: All forms must be duly signed, scanned, and submitted to GPS AND to gradstudies.macdonald [at] with your initial e-thesis submission.  Please ensure all necessary signatures have been obtained before submission.

Initial Thesis Submission Deadlines

Initial e-Thesis Process

Forms required with initial e-thesis submission

Thesis Non-Exclusive License Agreements


Final e-thesis regulations and instructions

Award Payments

Graduate Student Progress Reports

Academic Integrity Tutorial

Mandatory online academic integrity tutorial

As of spring 2011, graduate students must complete a mandatory online academic integrity tutorial, which may be accessed via Minerva (Student Menu > Academic Integrity Tutorial). New students must complete the tutorial within their first semester in order to prevent a Hold being placed on their record. Refer to registration deadlines for more details.

Study Abroad - Travel Registry

Planning to study abroad?
Make sure that you comply with McGill's mandatory orientation and registration.

Request Forms for Various Procedures

For students in Graduate Programs:

Request for a Leave

Request for a Program Change

Request for Readmission
If you have reached time limitation or have officially withdrawn from the University or are not currently registered, you may submit a request for readmission. You can find more information on graduate readmission procedures on the GPS students' website

Request for a University Withdrawal
Information on withdrawing from the University can be found on the GPS students' website

Request for Registration/Course Changes
Information on registration can be found on the GPS students' website

Minerva /uApply Access
Obtain your 9 digit McGill ID number or have your Minerva PIN/ uApply password reset.

APPLICANTS:  Request to modify application
Use this form to submit one of the following corrections to a recently submitted application to McGill University. Once submitted, you will receive a confirmation email for which you must take action on before any corrections can be made.

Authorization for Release of Official Document
Use this online request form to authorize a third party to pick up your official document(s) at Service Point.

For Postdoctoral Fellows:

Request to renew postdoctoral registration

Request Forms for Letters


For a complete list of student services and resources at McGill, visit Resources & Services for Students

General FAQs for Grad Students

Get the latest answers to your COVID-19 related questions at:

Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies
International Student Services
McGill’s Coronavirus FAQ page

Can't find your answer here? Try ASK McGILL

Do you want to...
Request medical accommodations during the term?

For a graduate student taking a 500-level course or lower in our faculty*, procedure is as per:
Medical to be submitted to SAO can be downloaded from:
* procedure may vary in other faculties

For a graduate student taking a 600-level course, accommodation arrangements are to be made between the instructor and the student. A doctor’s note or other appropriate documentation is required. This should be presented to the instructor by the student. There is no form and no approval from the Student Affairs Office required. In certain cases if confidentiality is desired, the student can go through the OSD (Office for Students with Disabilities) who can then vouch for the doctor’s recommendations to the instructor. The goal is for the instructor and the student to find a way to allow the student to complete the course requirements before the end of the term.

Request a final exam deferral?

If a graduate student taking a 500-level or lower course is requesting to defer an exam that takes place during the final exam period, the student must write an email to their Graduate Program Coordinator (GPC) requesting the deferral of their exam, along with a medical note or other supporting documentation. The GPC will request approval from the course instructor and GPD/Chair and forward the approved request to Enrolment Services (Graduate Student Records) for approval and processing. Once approved, the Student Affairs Office of the Faculty/Department offering the course will then schedule the deferred exam for the course. The GPC will confirm the graduate student’s name is on the list to take the deferred exam.

If a graduate student taking a 600-level course is requesting to defer an exam that takes place during the final exam period, the student must write an email to their Graduate Program Coordinator (GPC) requesting the deferral of their exam, along with a medical note or other supporting documentation. The GPC will request approval from the course instructor and GPD/Chair and forward the approved request to Enrolment Services (Graduate Student Records) for approval and processing. The student and instructor must then arrange a date, time, and location for the student’s deferred exam to take place and communicate this information to the GPC.

Know how to register on Minerva?

See these instructions on how to register at McGill using Minerva, which includes a video tutorial. See these tips if you encounter problems registering for a course. Please see these important dates and deadlines for registration and course change. Please contact your Graduate Program Coordinator for more information.

Add or drop a course after the add/drop deadline?

To add a course, please use: Form to Request a Course Change

To drop a course, you may still do so via Minerva.

Change your program option (e.g. thesis to non-thesis) or concentration?
Change programs or departments?

You must apply through uApply and application deadlines apply. Please contact your Graduate Program Coordinator.

Withdraw from the University?

Form for University Withdrawal

Please make sure to read the Regulations Concerning a University Withdrawal and be aware of the applicable deadlines and fees.

Come back to your program after having taken time off?

If you have not been registered for one or more terms, you will have to request to be readmitted:  Request for Readmission. Please contact your Graduate Program Coordinator.

Take a semester off?
  • Apply for a leave: Form to Request Leave
  • If a Leave is not granted, you can withdraw from the University and then submit a form Form to Request Readmission.
    • For the Summer term, IF your program permits it, you simply would not register for the term. No request for a leave is required.  Then you may simply register in the following Fall term to continue as usual.
Substitute a course that is required for your program with another course?

Approval required from Supervisor or Program/Academic Advisor, as well as the Graduate Program Director of your Department. Contact your GPC in the Macdonald Graduate Studies Office.

Take a Continuing Studies or language course?

You may take a Continuing Studies course or a language course but it will not go toward your degree requirements and tuition is charged separately (over and above) your regular program tuition. Departmental approval is normally required.

Register for a part-time term or complete your studies part-time?

For Non-Thesis students, you simply register for fewer than 12 credits per term. For Thesis students you must make the request in writing to your supervisor.  If approved, the supervisor will send your request to the Macdonald Graduate Studies Office to process the change.

The time limit for completion of a degree is:

  • 3 years for Masters (thesis or non-thesis)
  • 5 years for Masters if strictly done on part-time basis
  • PhD: By the end of PhD year 7

* It is important to consider full-time/part-time status requirements for Immigration, Student Loans, etc.

To take an undergraduate course as an extra course?

Prior to submitting this request, you must have already obtained permission from the undergraduate department offering the course. The department must add a permit to your record allowing you to take the course.

  • You must complete the form found at:  Form to Request a Course Change  where you will indicate that the course should be flagged as “Extra” to your graduate program. 
  • The course will not count for credit towards the graduate program you are currently pursuing.
  • The course will not count in your CGPA and the failure policy will not apply.
  • If approved, you will be assessed additional tuition fees.

If required to take an undergraduate course as an “Additional Program Requirement” upon admission:

  • The course is an additional requirement for your program but will not count for course work credit towards the program requirements.
  • The course credits will be included in your CGPA calculation and the failure policy will apply.
Take a course in another Quebec university?
  • You must obtain permission from your Supervisor or Program Advisor to take the course for your program requirements.
  • Submit your request to:
  • Your request will be processed and you can check the status of your request
  • Any McGill and the host university deadlines must be respected
  • NO MORE THAN 1/3 of total lectured course credits in the student’s program may be taken outside of McGill– please confirm with your Graduate Program Coordinator
  • McGill Inter-University Transfer Agreement Policy
    • Transfer” will appear on your transcript once the registration is completed.
    • The credits for the course will only appear on your transcript at the end of the course when your final grade has been submitted by the host university to McGill
Apply for a Work-Coop Work Permit?

Information on How to Apply for Co-op Work Permit

***For international students engaging in a mandatory internship/project for their academic program, when the internship/project is OUTSIDE McGill. A letter is required from your Graduate Program Coordinator stating the project/internship is mandatory for your program.

Apply to graduate?

Only Non-Thesis graduate students need to apply to graduate. This is done via Minerva, in the final semester of your program, mid-way through the term. Be aware of the deadlines to be added to the list of graduating students!

Please follow these step-by-step instructions.  (Most students will choose only “Primary Curriculum”.)

Note that once the apply-to-graduate deadline has passed, you must use this webform to submit a graduation request. Upon approval by your Graduate Program Coordinator, the form will be sent to Enrolment Services for processing. If you have any questions, please email your Graduate Program Coordinator.

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