Alton and Dianne McEwen and Family Internship Program

McEwen family

The Internship Office and Program, made possible by the continued support of donors, allow all undergraduate students the opportunity to complete an internship, prior to graduation. The office offers students guidance on which internships to pursue, funding to defer related costs and enable access, and assists with paperwork and applications.

Inaugurated in 2009 through a generous contribution from McGill Macdonald Alumni, Mr. and Mrs. Marc Bieler, of Canneberges Atoka Cranberries Inc., the Internship Program kickstarted opportunities for over 500 students allowing them to receive funding and support for their internships.

Now, in 2021, the Internship Office and Program is poised to take on new and continued successes thanks to a commitment to the program from donors Alton and the late Dianne McEwen. The Alton and Dianne McEwen and Family Internship Program will continue to deliver exceptional service to students pursuing internship opportunities as part of their core curriculum.

Internship participation is recognized on McGill students’ academic transcripts. Evaluation for the program is based on the completion of academic reports and students will receive a pass or fail noted on their transcripts if registered in the FAES 200 course or a final grade if registered in the FAES 300 course.

The program is offered in the fall, winter and summer semesters and interns are required to complete a minimum of 10 weeks with their host organization.

Making a significant impact on students

626 Number of student interns
$510,998 Internship funding awarded
162 Total international internships

From April 2010 to Sept 2023, data compiled Sept 2023


Internship support

male student working with lab equipment

Internships provide students the opportunity to take their knowledge into the real world. Your contribution helps students participate in internships that can impact their future careers.

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