Online GradLife Orientation (GLO) & Webinars

Online GradLife Orientation (GLO)

Campus Life & Engagement provides multiple virtual programs to help prepare incoming graduate students navigate through the McGill environment.

First, to help make sure that every student has the opportunity to absorb important orientation information, we have created an online orientation program called GradLife Orientation (GLO). This program is accessed through myCourses. GLO walks you through some of the most important topics to new graduate students, such as how to register for courses, how to access your health insurance, or what to expect from the supervisory relationship.

Summer Webinars

In addition to GLO, CL&E also organizes dozens of live webinars on various topics, including housing, accessing health care, or your legal rights in Quebec. Check out the schedule, learn more, and sign up on our Webinars Page

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