Macdonald Office of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies

The Team at MacOGS

Graduate students in our Faculty are served administratively through their unit Graduate Program Director (GPD) and the Macdonald Office of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies (MacOGS). Your GPD is a member of the academic staff and can assist you on program-related questions. MacOGS provides support, advice and assistance on all things administrative. The majority of your requirements can be handled through MacOGS, however, some issues may need to be directed through Service Point on the downtown campus.

If you have a question, a concern, or just want to introduce yourself, reach out to our friendly Graduate Program Coordinators!

Macdonald-Stewart Building MS2-074
Hours of operation: Monday-Friday 8:30-12:00; 12:30-16:30
gradstudies.macdonald [at]

Jean-Benoit Charron

Professor Jean-Benoît Charron

Associate Dean (Graduate Education)


Susan Gregus

Susan Gregus

Manager, Macdonald Office of Graduate Studies
514-398-7915 | susan.gregus [at]
In office: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday

Graduate Program Coordinators

If you have questions or wish to make an appointment, please contact your program coordinator by email.


Simone ClamannSimone Clamann

► Natural Resource Sciences
► Human Nutrition (Thesis programs, MScA Human Nutrition - Dietetics Credentialing)

In office: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday

514-398-7762 | simone.clamann [at]

Erin MinnettErin Minnett

► Agricultural Economics
► Animal Science
► Plant Science
► Food Science (Thesis programs)

In office: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

514-398-7560 | erin.minnett [at]

Christiane TrudeauChristiane Trudeau

► Bioresource Engineering (Thesis programs)
► Parasitology (Thesis programs)
► MScA Biotechnology

In office: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

514-398-7725 | christiane.trudeau [at]

Laura Wittebol Laura Wittebol

Academic Associate

► Bioresource Engineering (Non-thesis programs)
► Food Science (Non-thesis programs)
► MScA Human Nutrition - Project

In office: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

514-398-7941 | laura.wittebol [at]

Graduate Program Directors (GPD)

Department Program Director Phone Number

Agricultural Economics

paul.thomassin [at] (Prof. Paul Thomassin)


Animal Science

vilceu.bordignon [at] (Prof. Vilceu Bordignon)


Bioresource Engineering

vijaya.raghavan [at] (Prof. Vijaya Raghavan) (GPD)


zhiming.qi [at] (Prof. Zhiming Qi) (Associate GPD) 514-398-7983
  • MScA Environmental Engineering Program

ben.goldstein [at] (Prof. Benjamin Goldstein)


  • MScA Integrated Water Resource Management Program

jan.adamowski [at] (Prof. Jan Adamowski)


  • MScA Integrated Food Bioprocessing Program

michael.ngadi [at] (Prof. Michael Ngadi)


Food Science and Agricultural Chemistry

ashraf.ismail [at] (Prof. Ashraf Ismail)


  • Food Safety Program [at] (Prof. Xiaonan Lu) 514-398-7921

Human Nutrition, School of

stephanie.chevalier [at] (Prof. Stéphanie Chevalier) 514-398-8603
  • MScA Dietetics Credentialing and Practicum Options
maureen.rose [at] (Prof. Maureen Rose) 514-398-7748
  • MScA Project Option
hugues.plourde [at] (Dr. Hugues Plourde) 514-398-7604

Natural Resource Sciences

sebastien.faucher2 [at] (Prof. Sébastien Faucher) (GPD) or

jessica.head [at] (Prof. Jessica Head) (Co-GPD)



Parasitology, Institute of

petra.rohrbach [at] (Prof. Petra Rohrbach)


  • MScA Biotechnology Program

elias.georges [at] (Prof. Elias Georges)


Plant Science

valerie.gravel [at] (Prof. Valerie Gravel)




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