GENERAL INFORMATION (WELCOME CENTRE)          info.macdonald [at] (EMAIL)        514-398-7773


dean.macdonald [at] (Dean's Office) 514-398-7707
petra.rohrbach [at] (Acting Associate Vice-President (Macdonald Campus)) 514-398-7726
alice.cherestes [at] (Associate Dean (Academic)) 514-398-7980
research.macdonald [at] (Associate Dean (Research)) 514-398-8716
david.titley-peloquin [at] (Acting Associate Dean (Student Affairs)) 514-398-7976
jean-benoit.charron [at] (Associate Dean (Graduate Education)) 514-398-7915
Academic and Administrative Services 514-398-7710


studentinfo.macdonald [at] (Admissions) (Student Affairs Office) 514-398-7925
Animal Science, Department of 514-398-7773
danielle.cote [at] (Area Personnel Office ) 514-398-8606
Athletics, Macdonald Campus 514-398-7789
Bioresource Engineering, Department of 514-398-7773
Bookstore, Macdonald Campus 514-398-8300
Brace Centre for Water Resources Management 514-398-7833
Campus Housing, Macdonald 514-398-7716
Campus Security 514-398-7770
Career Planning Service (CaPS) 514-398-3304
Centre for Indigenous Peoples' Nutrition and Environment (CINE) 514-398-7757
communications.macdonald [at] (Communications) 514-398-8636
Environment, Bieler School of 514-398-7559
Facilities Management (Call Centre) 514-398-4555
Faculty Club (Tadja Hall, Macdonald Campus) 514-398-7994
Farm Management & Technology Program 514-398-7814
Farm, Macdonald Campus 514-398-7701
Food Science & Agricultural Chemistry, Department of 514-398-7773
Global Food Security, McGill Institute for 514-398-7671
Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies, Office of 514-398-7838
Graduate Student Society, Macdonald Campus (MCGSS) mcgss.pgss [at] (Email)
marcia.waterway [at] (Herbarium), McGill University 514-398-7864
Human Nutrition, School of 514-398-7773
Instructional Multimedia Services (Audiovisual Services) 514-398-7896
Internship Office 514-398-7924
IT Support, Walk-in 514-398-7600
Library and Learning Centre, Macdonald Campus 514-398-7881
Lyman Entomological Museum and Research Laboratory 514-398-7914
Mac Market-Marché Mac 514-398-7875
Mary Emily Clinical Nutrition Research Unit 514-398-7527
morgan.arboretum [at] (Morgan Arboretum) 514-398-7811
Natural Resource Sciences, Department of 514-398-7773
Parasitology, Institute of 514-398-7722
Parking Permits (Campus Security) 514-397-7770
Plant Science. Department of 514-398-7773
Post Office, Macdonald Campus 514-398-7715
Research Office, Macdonald Campus 514-398-8716
Residences, Macdonald 514-398-7716
Security, Macdonald Campus 514-398-7770
Shuttle Bus 514-398-7710
Student Academic Services, Office of 514-398-7980
studentinfo.macdonald [at] (Student Affairs Office) and Admissions, Macdonald Campus 514-398-7925
Student Services, Macdonald Campus 514-398-7992
Students' Society, Macdonald Campus (MCSS) 514-398-8787
University Advancement (Development and Alumni Relations) 514-398-7984
Welcome Centre, Macdonald Campus (info.macdonald [at] (Email)) 514-398-7773
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