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Consortium for Research, Innovation and Transformation of Agri-Food

For the development of a prosperous, sustainable, and regionally-anchored food processing sector

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Accelerating innovation and technology transfer in the food processing sector

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Collaborating with government, industrial partners, and public institutions

Moving forward, together

Synergy lies at the core of the Consortium RITA’s platforms, because working together benefits us all. By bringing Quebec experts together to solve common industry issues, connecting them to other stakeholders, and training the next generation of food scientists, we support the food processing industry today while prepare it for the challenges of tomorrow.

Transforming challenges into growth opportunities is what we do best!


Why choose the Consortium RITA?

The food processing industry is a complex ecosystem made up of food processors, distributors, ingredients and sanitation product suppliers, analytical technology and specialized software developers, processing equipment manufacturers, and many more. To ensure the success of our projects, we encourage the participation of stakeholders involved in all stages of the supply chain.

We create projects adapted to the industrial context and address issues through tailor-made solution avenues. This is why we consult the industry and participating companies at each step of our projects.

Innovation and implementation of new processes and ingredients require a large amount of energy and resources for a single company. To make innovation more accessible, the Consortium RITA reduces the obstacles faced by the industry. First, with the help of MAPAQ funding, we finance projects, and adapt the participating company’s contribution to its capabilities. In addition, our experts synthesize their findings and communicate their work in a format accessible to professionals of all levels.

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