Macdonald campus parking

Traffic and parking on campus

McGill/Macdonald and John Abbott Security jointly provide staff, students and visitors with conditional controlled parking under the direction of the Manager, Campus Security. They provide permits, which are issued at their office, located in Laird Hall, room 101. For public functions, parking regulations may be temporarily lifted.

Vehicle owners use the campus roads and parking facilities at their own risk. McGill/Macdonald and John Abbott assume no responsibility for damage or theft from or of a motor vehicle while on campus. Penalties will also be enforced if regulations are not followed.


Traffic accidents on campus should be reported directly to Campus Security, as per accidents on a public road. The car owner's insurers should be notified. Campus Security provides every assistance if notified of accidents.

Dangerous driving

Dangerous or impaired driving are indictable offences under the Highway Code. Though the Campus roads are private, they are used by the public, and users have no immunity from the regulations and penalties provided in the Code. The Campus reserves the right to prosecute in the case of infractions.

The parking and security committee

The Campus has parking and security committees authorized to establish the parking, traffic and security control methods, and the penalties from their violation. They are sanctioned to review violations, levy further fines or withdraw the related privileges.

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