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McGill Campus Public Safety

Safety is everyone’s responsibility. Together, the members of Campus Public Safety work with the McGill community to promote a safe and healthy environment for everyone! Through public education, information and by providing an active security presence, our goal is to ensure that students, faculty and staff are able to learn, teach and conduct research, free of safety concerns.


McGill | Attention!

McGill | Attention! is McGill's Mass Notification system. Get health and safety alerts directly to your devices by opting in or downloading the new McGill App! 

Night Route Map

The McGill “Night Route” outlines the safest paths for crossing campus at night. Keep this designated route in mind when walking back to residences or leaving the library late at night.

Lab Safety

Do you work in a lab? If yes, lab safety should be a priority! McGill University has established policies and procedures to promote safe conduct and environmental controls in its laboratories.


News and Events

Keep up with Campus Public Safety news and events from around campus.


Check out training sessions provided by Security Services. Most safety training is free for undergraduate, graduate students, staff and faculty.

Address a Safety Concern


Report a safety concern using FAMIS: McGill’s facilities and space management system.