Cycling on the downtown campus

Members of the McGill community are encouraged to cycle to the downtown campus. There are approximately 200 bicycle racks and 1800 bicycle spaces.

Cyclists not destined for McGill should use the University Street bike path when connecting between Milton street and Sherbrooke or de Maisonneuve.

McGill's downtown lower campus is a shared space where cycling is permitted. This means mounted cyclists will circulate on the same pathways as pedestrians. Pedestrians will remain the primary users of this shared space and will have the right of way at all times. The new procedure does not affect McTavish Street, which is a public space under the City of Montreal’s jurisdiction, where cycling remains prohibited.

For more information, please visit the SAAQ’s Safe Cycling Guide for Highway Safety Code requirements.

Bicycle racks on the downtown campus

Looking for somewhere to lock up your bicycle? Click here to view a map of the locations of bike rack on the downtown campus.

Please avoid locking bikes to...

  • railings/gates - it impedes the accessibility of the site by those with mobility impairments
  • trees - it can damage them
  • construction fencing - these must remain moveable at all times to provide an emergency exit for construction workers

Bicycle pump

An outdoor bike pump is installed outside of the McConnell Engineering Building, near the intersection of Milton and University Streets, and is available for use by students, staff and visitors to the downtown campus.

Bike registration

Approximately 2,000 bicycle thefts are reported to the Montreal police (SPVM) each year. Registering your bike on 529 Garage increases your chances of getting it back in the event of a theft since the database is used by the SPVM to track down bike owners. This service is available to everyone and a 529 Garage shield sticker is not required.

Residents of Montreal can obtain a 529 Garage shield sticker from their local police station to affix to their bicycle and discourage theft (proof of residence and registration on the 529 Garage app are required). Non-residents of Montreal can purchase their 529 Garage shield sticker from local or online retailers.

Learn more about the 529 Garage project by visiting the following webpages:

Macdonald Campus self-serve bikes

A small fleet of bicycles is available free to staff and students on the Macdonald campus, upon presentation of a valid McGill ID card. Bikes are available from 9am to 8pm on weekdays, 8am to 12pm on Saturdays, and 12pm to 4pm on Sundays, from April to October, and can be borrowed for up to four hours at a time. They are available at the Stewart Athletics Complex. Helmet and lock are included.


Through its BIXI program, the City of Montreal offers public-use bicycles available at a variety of 24-hour self-serve locations across town. Bike rentals are available from April through November, and can be returned to any BIXI station.

Visit the BIXI website for more information


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