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Mail Services

McGill’s Mail Services collect, process and dispatch internal and external mail for the university. All incoming mail is sorted and delivered in a timely manner with our electric vehicles. We service our major buildings for pick-ups daily between 07:00 a.m. and 02:30 p.m. The timing may vary based on weather and volume.

Pick-ups of large mailings should be done on call and pick-ups in small houses are once to twice a week or on call for special pick-ups.  

Internal mail


  • Envelopes addressed internally require: Name - Department - Building 
  • Do not use abbreviations. 
  • In buildings with porter services, please provide a staff listing to ensure a better distribution of mail. 


  • Large internal mail should be bundled and sorted by department. 
  • Moving? Contact us in advance so we can hold and/or redirect your mail. 
  • Department moving to another building on campus? Inform us so we can redirect your mail. It is each department's responsibility to send their contacts a change of address notice.
  • Bags or boxes picked up by our drivers should not exceed 20kg. 
  • Please call us in advance for supplies of bags for large mailings. 

Affiliated hospitals serviced by internal mail

The McGill affiliated hospital sites serviced by internal mail are the Douglas Research Centre, the Jewish General Hospital, the St. Mary's Hospital Centre and the MUHC which comprises the Montreal Chest Institute, the Montreal Children's Hospital, the Montreal General Hospital, the Montreal Neurological Hospital and the Royal Victoria Hospital.

Mail from our campuses to McGill's affiliated hospitals can be treated as regular internal mail.


External mail

Mail Services handles off-campus incoming and outgoing mail. Outgoing external mail is picked up, the correct postage applied and given to Canada Post for delivery. Incoming external mail is delivered to Mail Services by Canada Post, where it is sorted and distributed on campus. All external mail is charged to departmental accounts, FOAPAL is required.

Please note that Mail Services does not handle custom-related packages, perishables, shipment on palettes, and/or packages containing hazardous products. Information about procedures and forms to import and export goods can be found on the website of Procurement Services.


  • Return address – include exact information including sender's name, department, room number and building at the top left-hand corner 
  • Receiver's address - centered, containing: name, address, city, province/state, country, postal code 
  • To redirect mail to staff who have moved, you must use a new envelope and pay postage


  • Wrap, tape or use padded envelopes for thick items 
  • Do not use medium or large paper clips
  • Do not use staples to seal envelopes
  • Balance the weight. Example: 2 boxes of 10 kg instead of 1 box of 20 kg 


Large external mail must be: 

  • Bundled in small quantities with elastic bands 
  • Separated per destination: domestic, USA, international
  • Letter-size envelopes do not have to be sealed but they do have to be bundled and the envelope must be closed
  • However: please do seal envelopes that are larger than letter size #10 envelopes


Please contact Mail Services for further information on large external mail or bulk mail. We are happy to provide further instructions and price estimates.


  • All external mail is charged to departmental accounts, please provide the departmental FOAPAL to be charged 
  • Affix a memo to your mail to specify your needs, e.g., registered, Xpresspost, etc. 


info.mailservice [at] (Denny Tambasco) 

3465 Durocher, Room 13 

Montreal, Quebec H2X 0A8 

Tel: 514-398-4602 

For all mail-related questions, call the mail room directly at 514-398-5225. 


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