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The Events Support Team is responsible for the physical set-up of all campus social or major events, including annual events, such as Convocation, the Town and Gown, the Iron Ring Ceremonies, Exams and Open House. Our Team is also responsible for supporting the University's ceremonial recognition and formal university-wide events, as well as annual events on behalf of the Principal's office and other units. The Department of Building Services represented by the Director and the Events Support Attendees, work very closely with many other units on campus along with Events Booking at McGill www.mcgill.ca/eventsbookings and Timetable Coordinators from various faculties.

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Indoor events

If your event is to be held in your own faculty/departmental facilities, please contact your Timetable Coordinator directly. Follow this link to submit your request to Events Booking at McGill. Lobby space must be booked with the corresponding building's Building Director.

There are certain University procedures, policies, and services related to hosting an event at McGill which may influence your planning process and impact your budget. Depending on the event type, location, day, and time you may be required to pay for the following services or resources.


Silent hours procedure

When an event is taking place outside regular building hours, a Building Services custodian staff named porter/cleaner is required to be on site for the entire duration of the event adding on cleaning fees based upon the square footage of the areas used during the event and 30 minutes {15 minutes prior and after the event} to allow the porter/cleaner to get access to the building assigned and get all keys and material required for the event.

When an event requires the services of a porter/cleaner, Building Services must charge a minimum of 4 hours to call an employee in on overtime. Our rate is at $63.00/hour. The porter/cleaner assigned to the event is to provide exclusive attendant services with a supplied pager number to be reached at all times.

Building Services cannot use its regular weekend employees to open doors for any events held on Campus. A porter/cleaner must be brought in for the purpose of opening buildings and acting as an attendant. The regular weekend employees are, however, available for safety or sanitary emergencies.

All requests are to be submitted by e-mail and addressed to: special.events [at] mcgill.ca. In the e-mail you must identify the following information:

Name of the event/type of event (i.e. Wine and cheese and/or reason you are requesting the building to be opened);

The exact hours specifying the start and end time;

The room numbers/amphitheaters/spaces and or areas it will affect and that will require servicing;

Number of people attending your event.

Note - A quote can be provided upon request.

We invite you to read about the silent hours procedures as outlined in the Administrative Handbook under Building Regulations: https://www.mcgill.ca/adminhandbook/.


Event Planning Resources

Building Services Custodian Staff

The following is a listing of procedures and guidelines to be used when events occur in buildings cleaned by Building Services custodian staff during regular building hours or silent hours.

Custodial Services is responsible for the custodial care of McGill University buildings by maintaining an environment that is safe, functional and pleasant. Our custodial team provides cleaning services, lock and unlock the doors and service the Community in different ways.

Our team operates 24/7 with staff working days, afternoon, nights and weekend shifts.

Our vision is to be a high-performance team of empowered facilities professionals, dedicated to service excellence, and integral to the success of McGill University as it aspires to be one of the world's best universities.

To review Building Services custodian services provided, please visit: www.mcgill.ca/facilities/buildings/services


When an event is held during regular building hours, our custodial team will be responsible for the cleanliness and hygiene of McGill buildings as described in the custodian regular and daily maintenance routine. When an event is taking place during regular building hours, Building Services will not promise that the room or areas will be cleaned prior to the event upon customer satisfactory as various and numerous activities are taking place during the regular Building operating day. During your event, a custodian cannot be taken away from his/her daily routine to exclusively service an event but, may provide assistance if necessary or in case of emergencies. When an event is held during regular operating hours, the event is approved without incurring additional cleaning charges under the conditions outlined below.

To ensure fair access to all users, please observe the following guidelines:

  • Organizers are expected to maintain care and a high standard of cleanliness;
  • If breaks take place in between event – organizers and/or caterer are responsible to make sure that all waste and recycling are disposed in appropriate bins located in areas and to return all furniture that is disposed or moved to its original location;
  • All floors to be left free of dust/debris and non-sticky;
  • All surfaces that were used, i.e. desktops, counters, ledges to be properly cleaned;
  • All washrooms to be left in the same condition they were found;
  • Failure to comply with those conditions – charges will apply.

The District Supervisor will make the Events Support Supervisor aware of any situation in which a client has left a room or area or building significantly dirtier and messier than anticipated. This will be done the next working day, sooner if possible. The client will be charged for extra cleaning services at a rate of $63.00/hour.


Follow up expected after the event

When a client pays for cleaning services or extra custodian(s) as per silent hours or for any others services not only cleaning provided by Building Services, the District Supervisor will ensure that the cleaning work is performed directly after the event. Should special circumstances arise; the District Supervisor will inform the Events Support Supervisor of the changes in plans at the earliest. If you may encounter any dissatisfaction preceding, during or after your event – May you without delay submit your comments to Nakita Darveau, Events Support Supervisor at nakita.darveau [at] mcgill.ca as we value your comments and opinions.

Events Support – set up, rental of equipment

It is required that all rental inquiries are in writing via e-mail to special.events [at] mcgill.ca.

The items are available on a first come first serve basis. We recommend that you reserve the equipment as soon as you are aware that you need it. Consult the Events Support Catalogue for the list of equipment available at Events Support.

To request an estimate for your event, submit the following details:

Event description;

Event Location (Building / rooms and areas booked);

Event Date (date / start and end time);

Items and quantities per item;

Setup requirements (if setup is required, please include a floor plan).

Please contact by telephone if you have questions or concerns about the rental at 514-398-3776.


Clients may pay by FOAPAL Number - please provide us with your complete and detailed number (33 Digits) or External Client ID number (9 digits).

Security Agents

Security Agents provide coverage on McGill property during events, construction, licensed liquor events, short and long term University building projects, special department events that require VIP security, crowd and traffic control and more. Click here for the booking procedure and Agent Booking Policy. 

Air-ventilation and/or air-conditioning

Check the University's building temperature standards, established as part of McGill's efforts to reduce energy consumption.

You may need to request a ventilation schedule change and fill out the Ventilation Schedule Change Request Form.


To request a service or report a problem, contact the Facilities Call Centre at fcc.fod [at] mcgill.ca or 514-398-4555

For more information on our services, see our Services section.

Audio-Visual equipment

Click here to request services for audio-visual equipment. 


Click here for more details on parking services. 


Visit Food and Dining Services for the guidelines regarding catering for events. 

Outdoor events

For all Outdoor Campus Events, an Application Form must be completed and submitted to the Campus & Space Planning Office at least one week before the date of the event. The external events – application and guidelines are available at www.mcgill.ca/campusplanning.

Final approval to use external space is granted by the Director, Campus & Space Planning Office once all affiliated units (Fire Prevention, Security Services, Building Services, and Risk Management) have signed off on their responsibilities.


BBQ's or events servicing food

  • From Monday to Friday between 07:30 to 15:30, Grounds will provide and remove the group with recycling and garbage bins to be delivered prior to BBQ/Event start time and removed at the end of the event. The amount of bins required will be determined by the size, type of event and number of attendees.
  • BBQ or events servicing food and beverages held outside Grounds regular operating hours (07:30-15:30) will be required to cover the cleanup costs in order to maintain, patrol the premises used during the event and once the event is over, to bring back the premises back to standard. Charges will apply.
  • BBQ can either be privately supplied by the group hosting the outdoor event or rented from Events Support at special.events [at] mcgill.ca. Charges will apply.

Other costs

  • Groups are responsible for ALL SITE CLEANUP and will be given the option of leaving the premises in the same condition that they were in upon their arrival. Based on the nature of their event, a deposit of $220.00 may be required to cover potential damage, cleanup, or other costs – which will be refunded to them once the event is over and if, the premises are back to standard. Otherwise, additional cleaning costs will be levied if Grounds perform any extra work after your event. Any outdoor event being held after 15:30 Monday to Friday; or all day on Saturday, Sunday and legal holidays may require Grounds support to make sure the Campus stays clean during and after the event is over. Charges may apply. For information or an estimate contact Nakita Darveau, the Events Support Supervisor at 514-398-7266 or special.events [at] mcgill.ca.
  • Site Repairs – For any type of events. To assist with the re-sodding of grassed areas or damaged surfaces. Charges will apply
  • Fencing – fence, and posts installed and removed may be requested pending on the nature of your event. Charges will apply.
  • Access to running water and or water hose can be provided upon request to Luca Mascetti- Grounds Supervisor via e-mail at luca.mascetti [at] mcgill.ca or by phone at 514-398-4603 and Eric Champagne - Grounds Supervisor via e-mail at eric.champagne [at] mcgill.ca or by phone at 514-398-5895. Charges may apply or deposit may be required.
  • The groups are responsible for any property damage that occurs as a result of the event. Damages will be assessed and repairs costs billed to the event organizer or group.
  • Access to electricity can be provided upon request to be submitted by email to fcc.downtown [at] mcgill.ca with a request to open a Work Order. Costs will be billed accordingly to the user group/department.
  • For Equipment needs and Rental (tables, chairs, stage,etc.): For a detailed list, e-mail special.events [at] mcgill.ca.


Use of the restricted area of the tunnel at the "Three Bares" is strictly limited to overnight for any event and a request must be submitted to special.events [at] mcgill.ca in order to grant such access. No propane or gas tanks may be stored at any time.


  • Installation of tents - permission from Events Support Supervisor is required in collaboration with the Fire Prevention office.
  • Installation and take-down of tents on Campus when done outside Grounds regular operating hours (Monday to Friday from 07:30 to 15:30) –Grounds personnel may be required to be on site for the entire duration. Charges may apply.
  • Tent floors (when installed) must be elevated a minimum of 50 mm ( 2") above ground
  • If a tent is left overnight on the McGill Campus, security coverage is mandatory and can be obtained by contacting Security Services.
  • Tents must be flame resistant. The supplier must provide a certificate to this effect.
  • There must be a minimum of two exits from each tent: More may be required depending on occupancy/size.
  • Smoking is prohibited in tents and within 9 m from its entrances/exits.
  • Open flames (cooking, torch, etc…) will not be tolerated inside tents.
  • A detailed plan indicating the location of the tents and distance to structures must be provided to ensure that adequate space separation is respected.
  • The capacity of the tent (surface area and the number of people) impacts safety requirements for egress.
  • Exit requirements include emergency lighting, exit signs and fire alarm systems in certain cases.
  • Pending on the vocation or nature of the event and based on the Events Support Supervisor assessment, custodians may be required to provide cleaning services inside the tent. Charges will apply.

West Field

Access to the field is restricted during certain seasons. Building Services – Grounds and Events Support will approve the use of the area on a case-by-case basis.

No metal cleats allowed on the field at any time.

Cancellation policy

*Policy for rain-outs: Building Services-Grounds and Events Support – will make the decision as to whether the field will be closed due to poor weather conditions. This decision will be communicated to the EUS, the Athletics Department or other "reserved" user. Appropriate signage will be posted by Building Services-Grounds and Events Support. Security Services will periodically patrol the area during the rain-out period. All sports events will be asked to leave the field until it is declared open for use.

*Cancelling Your Event: Weekday Event Notification – A minimum of one (1) workday before your weekday event is required. Weekend Event Notification – A minimum of two (2) workdays before your weekend event is required.

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