Waste reduction at McGill

Waste reduction at McGill

Rethink React: Waste at McGill

The McGill Department of Buildings and Grounds manages non-hazardous waste and recycling operations on the Downtown Campus. It ensures a clean and functional environment for the community, collecting an average of 70 tonnes of waste per month during the academic school year - an amount it aims to drastically reduce.

As part of the Waste Reduction and Diversion Strategy (2018-2025), the Department introduces Rethink React: Waste at McGill. This campaign aims to encourage McGill’s community to think and act differently about how we create and sort waste. This includes the way we buy, reuse, recycle and dispose of materials throughout the University. Overall, the campaign’s goal is to improve McGill’s waste diversion rate by engaging and educating students, staff and faculty.

Coming soon - New Sorting Stations

The McGill Department of Buildings and Grounds aims to have a recycling bin everywhere that there is a garbage, so that a more responsible disposal of waste is always an equally easy option.
For this reason, as part of Rethink React, the department has launched a new project to outfit major buildings with new sorting stations that have the garbage and recycling streams attached together.

In parallel, Buildings and Grounds has also kicked off a project with Design Services to start rolling out a similar model outdoors on the campus. Keep your eyes open for them!

These bins will be a big upgrade, the Department needs YOUR HELP to ensure they have the best positive impact.

Do your part and learn how to sort!

Signage Standardization

Funded by the Sustainability Projects Fund, the McGill Department of Buildings and Grounds is implementing a signage standardization on all public-facing bins. As of summer 2019, all waste and recycling bins in public areas will be outfitted with vinyl stickers printed with Recyc-Quebec’s Provincial signage standard. This will reduce confusion while fostering good waste sorting habits easily transferable across campus, residences and athletics facilities.

Learn how to use the new signage!

Organic Waste Management

First Pilot Project at McConnell Engineering

In March 2019, the McGill Department of Buildings and Grounds was excited to launch their very first hallway organic waste collection pilot project. Four-stream bins were installed across the ground floor of the McConnell Engineering Building.

Thank you to all the community members who have made use of the bins. In the first two months, 2,300L of well-sorted organic waste have been collected and diverted away from landfill!

Given the success of this project, the Department would like to thank the custodial staff that helped in its implementation. Stay tuned for future initiatives!


Composting at Outdoor Events

You can now get compost collection services for your events! This is a new chargeable service available through Events Support. Please contact the Event Support Team for more information.
E-mail: special.events [at] mcgill.ca

Want to learn other ways to make your event more sustainable? The McGill Office of Sustainability offers the McGill Sustainable Events program, an initiative that provides consultations, trainings, resources, and certification to encourage and support more responsible events. Learn more about the program.

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