Clinical Nutrition Research Unit (CNRU)

How can we harness the power of nutrition to recover from surgery, help manage chronic disease and improve the patient experience?

These are the types of questions that researchers in the School of Human Nutrition’s Clinical Nutrition Research Unit (CNRU) tackle every day.

Established in 1995 through the generous support of G. Stewart Brown, long time friend and benefactor of McGill University, the CNRU's mission is to promote health through nutrition at all stages of life. With a new state-of-the-art facility located in the heart of Ste. Anne de Bellevue and procurement of innovative research infrastructure, the Unit is poised to develop solutions to public health challenges and help us all lead longer, healthier and fuller lives.

Experts in cutting-edge nutrition research

As a fixture of the Macdonald Campus research community, the CNRU has been promoting better health through nutrition and lifestyle for almost 30 years and conducts studies in numerous fields, including:

  • Nutrigenomics
  • Life course nutrition
  • Food security
  • Maternal and child nutrition
  • Indigenous Peoples' nutrition
  • Retail food environments
  • Medical nutrition therapy


With this wide range of expertise and deep commitment to multidisciplinary, patient-oriented, and community-based approaches, the Unit is in a unique position to advance our understanding of nutrition and human health.


Connected to our community

Our goal is to make the facility a hub for community outreach and intellectual exchange.

You can help by participating in a research study, attending a lecture or engaging in a CNRU event.

Support the CNRU. Together we can forge a healthier tomorrow.

McGill University, the Faculty of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, and the School of Human Nutrition are deeply committed to the success of this important initiative.

With your help, nutrition-based solutions to some of our most complex public health issues are within reach.

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