Laboratory Safety

Departmental Safety Committee

  • Oversee implementation of departmental health and safety requirements
  • Ensure that policies and procedures are effectively communicated to members of the department
  • Receive and evaluate concerns, queries and complaints related to occupational health and safety issues from members of the department
  • Receive and review reports of accidents, incidents, or occupational diseases in the Department and to recommend corrective measures
  • Facilitate the process of pro-active hazard identification by way of regular workplace inspections and reviews of safety procedures
  • Members:
    • Chair (Prof. Ryan Mailloux);
    • Student Representative (to be determined);
    • Members of the committee include all Professors in the School who maintain research labs as well as key staff members in their labs.


Safety Begins with YOU!

  • It is your responsibility to conduct experiments safely
    • Listen to your Supervisor's advice
    • Read the McGill Laboratory Safety Manual
    • Take responsibility for your safety
    • Be conscious of the safety of others
    • Get involved: report potential hazards
  • EVERY graduate student doing laboratory research has to:


Safety Training

Training courses

Handling hazardous materials?

Handling biohazardous materials (blood, pathogens, etc)?

Handling radioisotopes?


Situations requiring immediate internal assistance

Call McGill (Macdonald Campus) Security: 514-398-7777

  • Chemical spills
  • Flooding
  • If you use a fire extinguisher
  • Any other reason you would want a security officer present


Emergencies requiring immediate external assistance

CALL 911 (then call Macdonald Campus Security: 514-398-7777)

  • Montreal Police
  • Montreal Fire Department
  • Ambulance Service

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