Resources for Academic Support and Professional Development


The Supervision: Graduate and Postdoctoral Support website offers research and evidence-based advice to graduate students and their supervisors on how to work together effectively and avoid common problems in supervision.


Mac Graduate Teaching Seminar

The Tomlinson Project in University-Level Science Education (T-PULSE) offers a one-day workshop giving participants the opportunity to reflect upon their own approaches towards teaching, to develop skills for engaging students, and to provide a foundation for future academic positions. This workshop is offered at the beginning of the fall and winter terms and is designed for all graduate students, particularly those who are TAing. Invitations to the workshop are communicated to all Mac graduate students by e-mail.



SKILLSETS is a program that is jointly hosted by Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies and Teaching and Learning Services, offering interdisciplinary professional development to all graduate students and postdoctoral fellows. Over 200 FREE workshops, information sessions and events are offered throughout the year.


Graphos offers graduate students and postdoctoral fellows different ways to become more efficient, precise, and effective scholarly communicators. Offerings include 1-credit courses to complement your degree, focused writing workshops, peer writing groups, and a tutorial service for one-on-one help. Graphos is housed within the McGill Writing Centre, the University's central resource for written communication.

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