2007 Recipients

Howard W. Hulan, BSc(Agr)’65, MSc’68

Howard Hulan’s contribution as a scientist has made a significant impact in the field of Nutritional-Biochemistry. He is an internationally recognized expert on the nutrition and cardio-pathogenicity of long-chain fatty acids and it was largely on the strength of his research in the mid-1970s that canola oil was identified as a nutritious dietary ingredient, promoting a billion dollar industry for Canada. In 1993, Dr. Hulan was appointed Minister of Fisheries, Food and Agriculture in Newfoundland Premier Clyde Well’s cabinet. In 1996, he left the political arena and returned to his research and teaching at Memorial University in St. John’s.


Murray D. McEwen, BSc(Agr)’52, DSc’93

Murray McEwen spent most of his career with Redpath Industries, retiring as President and CEO, and Managing Director for North America of Tate & Lyle. In 1992, one year before his retirement, Redpath sales exceeded $3 billion and 6,000 employees. There is a long relationship between the McEwen Clan of Ormstown, Quebec and Macdonald College. Dr. McEwen chaired the Macdonald Agriculture Campaign in 1976 -1979 and raised $7.2 million for the Macdonald Stewart Complex which opened in May 1978.


Elizabeth Moore, BSc(HomeEc)’58

Elizabeth Moore has been a pioneer in the private practice of dietetics. Her distinguished career spans more than 40 years. From the early days practicing therapeutic and administrative dietetics, she worked in hospitals in California, Florida, Newfoundland and Montreal. Mrs. Moore became the first dietitian in Canada to establish a private practice, Elizabeth Moore and Associates, in Winnipeg in 1970. Her dedication to excellence in her profession was recognized by the Canadian Dietetic Association when she was named a Fellow in 1994.


Aly M. A. Shady, MSc’73

Aly Shady is a distinguished Canadian public servant who has held numerous senior policy positions with the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) for 26 years. He has served as a specialist in agriculture, irrigation, drainage and lately in the field of water resources. He developed and managed more than 85 projects, in more that 38 countries, managing a program exceeding $1.5 billion. His vision for reducing rural poverty, preventing malnutrition and hunger and improving access to water and sanitation in developing countries now permeates CIDA.


George D. Wright, BSc(Agr)’52

The links between George D. Wright and Sir William Macdonald, brought to light by the Centenary awards and the publication of Sir William's biography, are truly fascinating. Mr. Wright and Sir William were born exactly one century apart on farms in Prince Edward Island. A detailed biography lists Mr. Wright’s participation, often in a leadership role, in six business organizations, seven government organizations, five educational bodies ranging from rural schools to the University of Prince Edward Island and 15 service and community organizations.

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